Meal Plan 16/1

Week 2 of 2023 done and guess what, are you ready to be proud? I didn’t cave and order a takeaway last night! I know, right? I actually think I managed to (loosely) stick to the meal plan all week!

Let’s recap last week:

  • Tuesday :: Mac n Cheese with pulled pork – the pork was SENSATIONAL. I’m not even a fan of pulled pork and I loved it. 10/10.
  • Wednesday :: Creamy chicken pesto :: No one liked this, literally no one. I was really disappointed!
  • Thursday :: Stuffed peppers :: I used the fish fingers but not the pepper. I’m still count it as a win!
  • Friday :: Thai meatballs – I did think more as a deconstructed meatball (so mince, I did mince), Adam and I thought it was lovely, Toby had seconds but Edith and Roo weren’t fans!
  • Saturday :: Ratatouille chicken – as predicted Edith was aghast at first but I was shocked that she not only tried it but LIKED it!
  • Sunday :: White chilli chicken – I did chilli chicken as I didn’t have an soured cream and I’ll be honest `I wasn’t swept away.

So moving on to this week, where are we at?

Monday :: Nasi Goreng

I actually saw this on Marks & Spencer’s insta and was instantly like YES. It’s so easy to do but honestly really nice, so we’re giving it a go. This recipe is from Recipe Tin Eats – and yes, the paste was from M&S!

Tuesday :: Chicken Stroganoff

Not sure why I’m doing this with chicken but here we are – I saw the recipe online and thought… sure! It’s from Sainsbury’s Mag and , FYI, if you haven’t looked at all the magazine’s from supermarkets or their online recipes, I really think you should!

Wednesday :: Chicken Caesar

This sounds delicious, it’s a bake using caesar salad dressing and I think it’s going to be stunning with some potatoes! Recipe is from The Cookie Rookie.

Thursday :: Fajitas

Could I have saved it for Fajita Friday? Yes, yes I could.

Friday :: Cod in white wine, tomato and basil sauce

Listen, you will so rarely see fish on this blog because we’re not big eaters and Adam hates it unless it’s battered or breaded BUT I think this needs to change. I used to love fish stir fries and I think we could do with getting back to it, so I’m going to make this and add something like bacon, maybe chicken to the oven to cook for Ad. Recipe is from Baker by Nature.

Saturday :: Slow Cooker Chipole Chicken

This sounds lovely, I’m hoping it’s not too spicy for the rest of my family, I think it should be ok! From Delicious Mag.

Sunday :: Thai chicken sweet potato topped bake

Now this just has to be tried?! I love thai flavours, my family loves cottage pie… I mean, you see where this is going? I’m not sure if it will go down well, they can all be a bit funny over sweet potato, but I’m going for it. Recipe from

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