5 Salads for people who hate salads this January

I am, without a shadow of doubt, a salad hater. I make absolutely no apologies for this – lettuce is rabbit food and I will hear nothing else on the matter. That being said, when it comes to January, I always feel this intense need to stuff my body full of the good stuff – veg, fruit and chocolate. The essentials, ya know?

What I often do is default to stir fries, I love them, they are easy to make and oh so speedy for that every day lunch BUT I’ve felt like I fancy something fresher this past week… which has led me to salads, and I think I clarified my stance on that already.

Enter, these bad boys:

Thai Fusion Noodle Salad

Thai salad is like someone crawled into my head and knew exactly what I was after – it’s like the half way house between a salad and a stir fry and the possibilities are endless. This one is from The Healthy Foodie.

Rainbow Salad

This is actually my recipe, something that I’ve always made when I want something fresh and delicious but not … lettuce with a bit of oil dribbled on it.

Thai Larb Gai

It’s the spicy chicken for me. The first time I had it was at a little buffet restaurant in Meadowhall in Sheffield and MY WORD its so full of flavour. This is perfect for waking up the tastebuds – especially if you pickle your cucumber. This is from Grantourismo Travels.

Pad Thai Salad

This one from The Londoner makes use of the spiraliser that has been shoved to the back of my kitchen since 2012. It’s really easy to make and that dressing is a burst of yumminess!

Fish Taco Bowl Salad

This recipe from Kitchen Sanctuary looks insanely good, and still refreshing and filling. If fish isn’t your bag I imagine it would be just as yum with chicken, beef or halloumi! Also, I’m a millennial, so I love me a bit of avocado.

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