Meal Plan 15/02

It’s half term! Let parents across the country be heard in jubilation as they rejoice in the knowledge that they don’t have to utter the words “finger space” or google “what is a numerator and denominator” because despite assurances from your teachers to the contrary, you really have never had to use it.

Anyway, lets have a look at last week:

  • Monday – Chicken Cacciatore – the kids really enjoyed this! I didn’t add olives, instead I used up a little bit of tapenade I had in my pantry!
  • Tuesday – Mediterranean chicken orzo – the one I was looking forward to and AGAIN Tesco substituted orzo with linguine. They just don’t want me to have the good orzo stuff!
  • Wednesday – Pad thai – we had this on friday and the kids loved it!
  • Thursday – Spag bol leftovers – again, this was a hit (mostly with me because I didn’t have to do much!)
  • Friday – Takeaway – pad thai instead!
  • Saturday – Goulash – a winner!
  • Sunday – kids had lovely leftovers from the freezer!

So half term, it’s all about that easy peasy!

Monday :: Homemade pizza

We had this as an “assignment” from school last week and the kids LOVED it! Reuben asked me if they could make homemade pizza again this week (specifically Monday HA!) and I said absolutely, because why not? I do have a recipe for homemade pizza base here, but I have been buying pre-made just for ease!

Tuesday :: Pepperoni pizza chicken

This just went down so well with, well, everyone actually. The kids especially loved it! I’ll serve this with some potatoes and peas! Recipe is from Kalyn’s kitchen.

Wednesday :: Homemade chicken nuggets

Little sneak peak into my debut book Mummin’ It which is available to preorder NOW! I share lots of sneaky ways I get veg into kids without them realising it! Bluntly, preorders are really important for new authors so if it’s something that you think you would enjoy, please do grab a copy now!

Thursday :: Honey Garlic Chicken

Another belter from Taming Twins, one that I just know that they love – it won’t be the first time we have enjoyed this recipe! It’s simple and super easy whether you have a pressure or slow cooker.

Friday :: Takeaway

Saturday :: Morrocan chicken

This is a great looking recipe from Instant pot eats – and of course all the better for being designed just for my pressure cooker!

Sunday :: Slovaki chicken and rice

This sounds SO good! I will probably do it with wraps as well as side salad and once again, omit the olives! This recipe is also from Instant pot eats.

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