Meal Plan 8/2

Happy Monday! Another week, another meal plan, and I have to say, last lockdown I found that meal planning helped me to avoid “popping” to the shops mid week and allowed me to really plan out what I would need and where, but this time I think it’s been a bit harder! I’m absolutely not as strict as I was!

Anyway, this week started with a total cock up from yours truly, I forgot the Tesco order was coming on Sunday and didn’t edit it! Which meant I was missing so very much stuff! I literally had milk, bread and chocolate eclairs! Anyway, fortunately for me it didn’t impact our meal plan because I managed to get 90% of the stuff from my local (very small) Asda.

Here’s how it went last week:

  • Monday :: Beef Stroganoff – the kids really enjoyed this! I couldn’t get any mushroom so we just had it without!
  • Tuesday :: Mild Chicken Curry – local Asda also doesn’t carry curry powder! So weird. So I used a slightly different version and it didn’t really rock anyone’s world!
  • Wednesday :: Chicken, Bacon, Leek cottage pie – the boys devoured this but Edith wasn’t sold – I added peas and she just lost her tiny mind.
  • Thursday :: Vegan Red Thai curry – I actually ended up skipping this, we had cauliflower cheese and bacon instead!
  • Friday :: Takeaway – went for pizzas and burgers, twas LUSH.
  • Saturday :: Bolognese – and it was LOVELY. I think the kids really enjoyed it and I made enough for lunch wraps.
  • Sunday :: Mac N Cheese – yep, and Edith will be delighted with lunch leftovers!

So, what about this week?

Monday :: Chicken Cacciatore

Taming Twins never lets me down and I think this will go down a TREAT with everyone, I’ll probably serve it with pasta, or maybe potatoes if I’m feeling fruity!

Tuesday :: One Pot Mediterrean Chicken Orzo

Now I’m telling you, this looks GOOD. I don’t think the kids have eaten orzo before, it’s not a regular on my shopping list, so I thought I would try it with them now. Med flavours are a hit with the boys so I’m crossing my fingers they love this from Pinch of Nom.

Wednesday :: Pad Thai

Ooh I think this one might be a hit and I have all the ingredients already loitering around the house! The fact it’s pressure cooker frinedly makes me love it even more! From the Better Blondie!

Thursday :: Leftover Spag bol

I batch made this last week so I’ve got myself a nice easy dinner for the kids! Huzzah!

Friday :: Takeaway

Saturday :: Goulash

This Goulash from Dear Crissy is another pressure cooker winner and I’m almost 100% sure the kids will love it!

Sunday :: Takeaway for the grown ups

I do believe this will be Valnetine’s Day! Which means an extra cheeky takeaway for the week is in order!

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