Meal Plan 21/02

Guess what’s back, back again… fluffin’ homeschooling, that’s what. Urgh. I’ll be honest with you, I’m dreading getting back into it all this week, so I’m doing everything I can to chill out and try not to over do it on the ole’ remote learning front. If we get it done, we get it done (she types, knowing full well she is an anal dickhead who will absolutely not be able to let it go if we don’t boss everything.)

Anyway, food wise, I was incredibly lucky to be sent the newest cookbook We’re Hungry! from one of my friends Ciara, otherwise known as My Fussy Eater, and I’m telling you that you need this book in your life! Ciara’s recipes are delicious, easy to make and usually ideal for budgets AND batch cooking. What’s not to love?! You can grab a copy of We’re Hungry here. I’m going to be using some of Ciara’s recipes from her new book this week, so you can get a feel for what she offers. If you follow me on instagram (you should!) then you will see some of the lunch ideas I’m trying out this week!

Anyway, before I move on to next week, let’s have a look at the half term meal planner and what we thought!

  • Monday :: Homemade Pizza – we love it, we’ll be doing it again with a two ingredient recipe from We’re Hungry! for lunch this coming week!
  • Tuesday :: Pepperoni pizza chicken – this is always a winner!
  • Wednesday :: Homemade chicken nuggets with hidden treasure from my debut book – of course they loved it! I’m not going to put it in a book if they don’t ha!
  • Thursday :: Honey garlic chicken – it was AMAZING. Always a winner!
  • Friday :: Takeaway
  • Saturday :: Moroccan Chicken – this was delicious!
  • Sunday :: Slovakian Chicken – defo not our favourite. None of the kids liked it and I don’t think I would rush to cook it again!

Monday :: Baked Feta

If you haven’t seen this… where have you beeeeeeen?! I’ve made it a couple of weeks ago and ate it with garlic bread, and it is fiiiine! It’s really yummy, stupidly easy to do and I’m pretty sure that the kids will love it! Find the recipe here at Grilled Cheese Social.

Tuesday :: Beef stew from We’re Hungry

Ciara’s simple beef stew sounds delish and just like something that I can pop in the pressure cooker to cook without any effort whatsoever! The recipe is in her new book!

Wednesday :: Lasagne

By popular demand, from Adam who informed me last week that sometimes pie and chips or lasagne or anything ANYTHING simple would do ha! Bold words from him, but looking back over the last few weeks, we have had more curries etc than not, so this is his fave. I’m giving the Nigella one a go because I haven’t tried it before.

Thursday :: Meatball Gnocchi from We’re Hungry

Ahhh combining Toby’s fave and the ever popular in this house gnocchi, I think this will be a winner from Ciara’s cookbook. It’s like a fancy meatball pasta but even faster!

Friday :: Takeaway

Saturday :: Crispy fried chicken & chips

Ahh the ever popular crispy chicken and chips! You can’t get much more of a saturday night meal (short of pizza?) and I think this will go down a treat as I rarely fry anything anymore, and never ever do chips so the kids will love it! This is from Dinner them Dessert.

Sunday :: Quick Easy Chicken Tikka from We’re Hungry!

Yep, you know I live for a home made curry because they are so easy and the kids will almost always devour them! This recipe looks delish, easy to make and totally painless. I will make pilau rice to go with it and I’ve got some naans ready to go!

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  1. Avatar February 22, 2021 / 8:02 pm

    Sounds like a great book. We don’t have fussy eaters but our 2yo takes one look at each meal and 80% of the time will point blank refuse to even try a single bite so we try and do a variety in the hope that he’s tempted. We love gnocchi so would love to know how you do it with meatballs 🙂

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