Meal Plan 14/03

It’s Reuben’s birthday today!! He’s turning 11 today so it’s kind of a big deal, he’s got his first ‘proper’ grown up phone – a minefield I’m not excited about to be honest, but we will see how we get on!

Let’s have a little look back at last week shall we?

  • Monday :: Mushroom and Artichoke chicken – this was lovely but, much to my annoyance, the artichoke I was so sure was in the fridge waiting for me had been used!
  • Tuesday :: Cottage pie – Edith hated it!
  • Wednesday :: Fajita stuffed peppers – didn’t end up doing this, I can’t remember why!
  • Thursday :: Tarragon chicken – yummers!
  • Friday :: Sticky ginger beef – another one I was really looking forward to doing but didn’t get the chance to do! I was so mad with myself!
  • Saturday :: Takeaway – the kids had pasta instead as we got back so late!
  • Sunday :: Roast/Takeaway – ended up eating out at Alpamare!

So this week:

Monday :: Takeaway

Reuben’s choice as it’s his birthday, he wanted a pizza takeaway!

Tuesday :: Tacos

I’m actually going to do this in the pressure cooker so it’s really simple and ready to eat – perfect for Adam and Toby who have a football match!

Wednesday :: Creamy chicken with chorizo and corn

LOOK ME IN THE EYES AND TELL ME THIS DOESN’T LOOK AMAZING!? This looks sos good and frankly, if there is chorizo there, there is a Harriet there. NOICE. This one is from Serving Dumplings.

Thursday :: Sticky Mango chicken with rice

This is from Sainsbury’s Mag and I think it sounds lovely, I’m 99% sure the menfolk of the house will like it, Edith is… Edith.

Friday :: Meatballs

Tobes loves meatballs so this will be a TREAT for him! Recipe is from Sprinkle some Sugar.

Saturday :: Butter chicken curry

Quietly confident I’ve done this before and it went down a storm. I’m going to put it in the slow cooker before we go out and then it will be ready… it might get relegated to Sunday if we flip the days! Recipe is from Super Golden Bakes.

Sunday :: Roast or takeaway

I’m not going to ie to you, I can rarely be arsed to cook a roast… I always love it when I do and tell myself I will every week, I love cooking but I just get … comfy… on the sofa or we go out and I’m a lazy soul on a Sunday!

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