Meal Plan 21/03

This is going to be a short week because this week we are jetting off to Gran Canaria on Thursday! It’s mission empty the fridge before we go (though we will have my in laws doubling as house sitters because of the animals so I’m sure the fridge won’t be too much of an issue this time!)

Anyway; last week:

  • Monday :: takeaway – Roo had a fab birthday, and he was more than happy with his takeaway!
  • Tuesday :: chicken tacos – always a winner and enough leftover for the boys to have at school the next day!
  • Wednesday :: creamy chicken, corn and chorizo – I have to say this was delicious, seriously yummy. Edith and Roo are not chorizo/corn fans respectively (I know, I know) so they weren’t thrilled.
  • Thursday :: Mango chicken – ended up skipping this this week!
  • Friday :: chicken butter curry – this was really quite tomato-y as I didn’t have enough cream and used crème fraiche BUT it was delicious.
  • Saturday :: takeaway – yes sirrrrr!
  • Sunday :: Roast or takeaway….. I’ll let you guess.

So this week:

Monday :: Chicken and mash with whatever veg is in the fridge 

I’m legit just trying to use up the stuff we have! We have some un cooked chicken, broccoli and carrots galore (which we need for Miss Guinea Pig but still). 

Tuesday :: Mince beef hotpot

Hopefully this will produce just enough for the kids to use for lunch the next day and use up the leftover swede and some more carrots! This is from Fab food 4 All.

Wednesday :: Mac & Cheese

Freezable and we know it’s going to use up that last chunk of cheese as well as most of the milk! I like the look of this recipe from Delish, it will also allow me to finish off any bread left over!

Thursday :: Sangria

Friday :: Sangria 

Saturday :: Sangria

Sunday :: Guess?

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