Meal Plan 13/04

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, it’s Harriet here bringing you the newest meal plan. Can confirm Adam is still alive and hasn’t been fed to the tigers. Yet. (If you didn’t get this reference, I worry for our friendship.)

Anyway, how are we all? It’s been another long week, and then a little pause for Easter celebrations over the weekend, and back to it all tomorrow. It’s beginning to feel a little bit more like normal here in Casa de la Shearsmith, though I’m still constantly asking myself why I’m not doing more with my time, feeling inferior to the awesome tiktokers and the youtube content creators. Ahh self doubt in quarantine is poop.

Anyway, food. The week went fairly well from a foodie perspective, we are really trying to be strict with our budgets and I’m doing my best not to go out anywhere – which I’m managing to achieve until my mum needs something that she forgot on the order ha!

So last week at a glance:

  • Monday :: Chicken Lo Mein – everyone really enjoyed it and had a bag ole bag of prawn crackers with it.
  • Tuesday :: Creamy chicken bake – this was delish and it looked so pretty! I made a french baguette with it and it was terrible – far too hard.
  • Wednesday :: Mongolian Beef – another one that was really tasty!
  • Thursday :: Lasagne – I couldn’t do it because I had no lasagne sheets! The kid’s made spag bol instead.
  • Friday :: Fajita friday – it was a real treat, we used a kit from Old El Paso and it was super tasty.
  • Saturday :: Lemon Chicken pasta – we went for pizza instead. I ordered pizza intending to bang them in the freezer but then the dog food was delivered and I had no room in my freezer. I didn’t want to waste them so we used them for Saturday!
  • Sunday :: Double crunch honey chicken – when I wrote the meal plan I totally forgot that it was Easter Sunday and normally we would have a nice big roast, but as I had only a few carrots and a sad looking broccoli in, we opted to stick with the plan and I made this with oven chips!

So all in all we stuck to it fairly well! This week will no doubt be the same!

Monday :: Lasagne

By request, Adam was really looking forward to lasagne, but I just didn’t think it was right to go out and try to buy lasagne when we didn’t *need* it, so we’re having another go this week. This is the link for the recipe I shared last week from Don’t go Bacon my Heart.

Tuesday :: Curried chicken rice

This actually looks really yummy, I’m going to treat us and order some naan to go with it as well I think. This recipe comes from The Flavours of Kitchen.

Wednesday :: Creamy chicken pot pie

Easy, comforting and just perfect for a simple dinner. I’m really looking forward to this recipe from The Kitchen Sanctuary.

Thursday :: Chicken Enchiladas casserole

This looks amazing – we always enjoy enchiladas as a family, so I think this is a real winner. Edith has requested enchiladas as well, so I couldn’t really say no! Recipe is from Real House Moms.

Friday :: Yellow thai chicken curry

I did green thai a couple of weeks ago, so now for yellow! I have used a kit from the supermarket but this looks like it would be a great recipe.

Saturday :: Chicken pasta

This chicken pasta recipe from What’s in the Pan looks lush. It’s a really tasty way to devour pasta!

Sunday :: Brinner

This is simply breakfast for dinner, good old fashioned Br-inner.

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