What makes SUVs the perfect choice for families?

SUVs are continuing to be a popular choice among car owners. In January 2024 alone, SUVs accounted for over half of all new car registrations in Europe, according to Car Dealer magazine, showing their ongoing appeal.

If you’re in the market to get a new car for road trips, daily errands and school commutes, you may be wondering if an SUV is the best choice. To help you decide, we’ve outlined some of the key reasons they make a great choice for families seeking both practicality and performance. 

Generous cabin space

One of the standout features of SUVs is their spacious cabins. With ample legroom and comfortable seats, they’re an excellent choice for families looking for comfort during short and long journeys. Peugeot 3008 SUVs, for example, are widely recognised for their roomy interiors which can comfortably accommodate all family members. 

Large boots and foldable seats 

Families needing to transport prams, shopping bags, sports equipment and more may be drawn to the large boot capacities that most SUVs offer. If you opt for a model with foldable rear seats and an adjustable floor height, you’ll have even greater flexibility to adjust your storage space to suit your needs. 

Enhanced safety features

Safety is a paramount concern for many families and SUVs excel in this area. Many models have advanced safety technologies like automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assist and blind-spot monitoring. The high driving position of SUVs also provides better visibility, further contributing to a safer driving experience.

Superior ride comfort 

Many families will be attracted to the superior comfort that SUVs offer. Features such as advanced suspension systems and noise-reduction technologies ensure a smooth and quiet ride. Infotainment systems are also a big bonus, with multimedia options and smartphone connectivity keeping everyone entertained during trips.

Off-road capability

Many SUVs have impressive off-road capabilities that are not typically available in other types of vehicles. For instance, all-wheel drive and increased ground clearance enable safe and confident driving in various terrains and weather conditions. This means they’re ideal for families that like to head off on adventures together. 

Fuel efficiency

Despite their size, there are many fuel-efficient SUVs to choose from across the market. This includes hybrids and fully electric models that can help families reduce running costs and minimise their environmental impact. Before buying, check out a car’s MPG to understand what fuel efficiency you can expect. 

SUVs’ versatility, comfort and safety features make them an excellent option for families. With the ability to handle various road conditions and heaps of space inside, SUVs cater to diverse needs with remarkable efficiency. 

As automakers continue to improve their technology and eco-friendliness, SUVs will likely remain a top choice for families seeking the perfect balance between practicality and style.

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