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How often do we find ourselves suddenly thinking “ARGHHH it’s 4.40pm, the kids are demanding snacks and I have no CLUE what to do for dinner.” Sometimes, coupled with the realisation that there is only a fairly dried up half onion in the fridge, a few eggs and a piece of cheese that has seen better days.

It’s no wonder that us Brits spend a staggering amount on takeaways, I read recently that it was thousands a year and whilst I do love me a good take out, I have to say I frequently end up ordering through necessity. A late evening at work, a traffic jam or (most frequently) after school clubs piling up. With the best intentions I’ve started doing my weekly meal planner, though I confessed at the time I would find it interesting to see if I could stick to each week – and some I do, others I don’t. There are weeks when I realise I haven’t ordered the right food or I haven’t made it to the shop yet because I’ve been so busy.

That’s why I LOVE Gousto cooking, and if you have followed me for a time you will know that this is a long term love affair.

Gousto cooking is often overlooked by families, I guess we kind of assume that the recipes won’t be for our kids, or they won’t be economically viable if we have a large family, but I can tell you that it is both amazing value and suitable for everyone.

Not only does Gousto cooking offer up to 40 (yes, 40!) recipes to choose from per week, but they offer you everything from Everyday family favourites to authentic world cuisines and 10 minute meals for those nights that it’s all just a bit too much – making it quicker than a take away, and often even more delish! We have been paying customers of Gousto cooking for over a year now, ever since I first worked with them back in 2017. The range is superb and what I truly love is that you will find a gem of a recipe that you might never have tried before, like the Filipino chicken we had early on in the year and everyone now requests. They also offer you a range of family classics that the majority of us might already know how to cook, but the convenience of having every ingredient measured out and prepared for you makes cooking an absolute joy, without the hassle of scrambling around in the cupboards only to find you’re missing the one ingredient you need to make that lasagne.

The Everyday favourites range is filled with recipes just like that, from easy chicken curry to extra special bangers and mash. Each recipe will take under 30 minutes, is easy enough for your little ones to get involved (or not if you want to stay within that 30mins because we have allllll tried cooking with kids only to find ourselves tearing our hair out within 20mins) and each recipe is two of your five a day! The recipes have been approved by a tasting panel of kids AND parents, so you’re not ordering food that you won’t enjoy yourself.

Sounds good? Well it only gets better. Unlike a lot of subscriptions, with Gousto cooking you can pause, cancel and edit the amount you want at any time. We have had our subscription paused recently and we will be re-pausing when we have the building work done in a few weeks, and that flexibility really seals the deal for me!

If you want to give it a go then you can do so right now with a whopping 60% discount on your first box and 30% off any boxes you order that month using the code HARRIETGOUSTO.

Give it a go and let me know what you think!

H 🙂 x

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