Meal Plan :: Week 8

Well, as far as weeks go, I feel like last week was HECTIC. It was the first week we had the builders in and I already feel like they have been here forever, even though they haven’t particularly started to cause an inconvenience to us. At the moment they are just ripping up the garage and all of the “grubbing” (which I think means removing the concrete and digging down for foundations… I don’t have a clue), but soon they will be in the house and they will be rerouting plumbing, building walls… it’s all going to happen soon. SO we’re trying to get ahead of ourselves and that means multiple tip runs, lots of trying to clear things out and BUSY BUSY lives. On top of all the “busy” we’re also trying to organise the kids, I’m still working and there is just so much going on which means that it’s often been 5pm before I’ve even realised it’s dinner so we’ve had a few disasters this week…

  • Monday :: Sausage & Roasted veg tray bake – everyone loved it, it was late to the table but they ate it and enjoyed it so that’s what count’s right?
  • Tuesday :: Med Fish Stew from Gousto – hit and miss this one. They all liked the fish and I served it with rice but they ALL moaned about the olives and no one really felt as enthusiastic as I did (I LOVED IT)
  • Wednesday :: Chicken & Sweet potato bake – This went down great with Toby, I left it too late and didn’t really cook enough which was frustrating! Edith ate the potatoes and Reuben moaned about the whole thing!
  • Thursday :: Sweet & Sour chicken – this was one of our busiest days so I went crazy and prepped the meal BEFORE I went out to the kid’s school in the afternoon! Yay me. Everyone enjoyed it too – I think it helped that I chopped the carrots and peppers tiny.
  • Friday :: Takeout – I can’t tell you how happy I was for my weekly take away. I’ve never been more delighted to actually have one!
  • Saturday :: Enchiladas – argh deeeeelish. Everyone (excluding Edith) was fairly good with this one, I loved it.
  • Sunday :: Sunday Roast – who doesn’t love one of these? WHO?

So that was last week – what’s on the menu this week? Well the goal is to make meals that are as quick as humanly possible.

Monday :: Garlic Chicken with rice (Inspired EatWell101)

I have put inspired because for this recipe I’m using flavoured packet rice instead of cauliflower rice. Done in under 20 minutes – this looks YUM. Here is the recipe for the chicken and you can change the rice like I have if you want.

Tuesday :: Simple Goan Fish Curry via I Eat Keto

Well this just looks yummy and my plan is to cook the sauce and then add some chicken to one portion for Adam and fish to the rest of our plates. I think the chicken will probably take a little bit longer so it’s worth baring in mind. I’m going to be serving rice again here! This is the recipe – it sounds lush so fingers crossed it will go well.

Wednesday :: Cheddar & Broccoli soup from Wonky Wonderful

This sounds wonderful and so easy to do – I love soup but I avoid it because the kids never want to eat it and they just moan! I don’t get it to be honest, soup is lush and I’m hoping with lashings of crusty, buttery bread it would be great. Here is the recipe for this simple soup if you want to try it!

Thursday :: Simple Cheesy Pasta

Nothing to see here, just a simple bowl of pasta with a cheesy sauce and no regrets – at least we know they will eat it. Move along if you’re after inspiration!

Friday :: Le Takeaway Fantastico

Worst day of the week. Always.

Saturday :: Easy Honey Garlic Shrimp from Sally’s Baking Addiction

Adam isn’t a seafood or fish fan, as I’ve said many a time, so it’s easier to eat it when he is absent whichhhhh is pretty much every Saturday because he has a season ticket to Hull Shitty football club. SO this prawn recipe is perfect! I’m probably going to use up the left over rice or buy microwave rice and I’m not sorry about it. Here’s the recipe!

Sunday :: Glazed Mongolian Pork from Gousto Cooking

Had this recipe for a while and I haven’t tried it so I’m excited to give it a go tonight. In the name of transparency, I have worked with Gousto a few times and I love them!

So there you go! Happy munching everyone!

H 🙂

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