Blackboard painted wall

Hours of entertainment for your little one, so easy to do.

Hours of entertainment for your little one, so easy to do.

When Roo got to about 18 months old he loved colouring and especially using chalk boards.

I came across this clever idea of using chalkboard paint to paint the walls in your child’s playroom or bedroom and I just think it is so inspired! What better way to encourage your little ones creative ability than to allow them to express themselves on a canvas of that size!

I have seen this done on all scales, some people painting whole walls top to bottom, others (like myself) painting part of the wall to create an art corner of sorts. I stripped the wall paper off and painted the naked wall in a double coat of chalkboard paint, it really was as easy as that!

Now I know you might be thinking, “That’s a terrible idea, the kids will draw everywhere!” but they don’t! Roo never deviates from his little chalk wall, and he uses it all the time.

I would strongly recommend giving this a go, it isn’t difficult to put back to normal if you change your mind, but it is so much fun for the kids!

Harriet x

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