Room Sharing: Good or Bad Parenting?

My boys share their room, but is it good for them?

My boys share their room, but is it good for them?

I love that my boys share a room, but recently a close friend of mine told me that as a child she shared a room with her sister and hated it. This came as such a shock to me as she is very close to her sister and always has been, but she told me that it just felt like an invasion of her personal space and she had little to no privacy at all.

This really got me thinking, am I right to have my boys sharing a room?

At this point, they don’t really understand the difference. There is only 19 months between them and they are getting closer everyday, but with Reuben being 2 1/2 and Toby only just 1, they have no concept of personal space or privacy (something I know only too well when I need the toilet or a shower!). I have had visions of them with bunk beds, or beds opposite each other, chatting late at night and generally causing mischief after the lights are out, but the more I read and chat to people the more I think maybe I’m wrong.

As an only child, this isn’t something that I have experienced for myself, so I find it concerning when friends who have siblings and have shared tell me they found it a nightmare.

Isn’t it good for siblings to share? Doesn’t it teach our children about respecting each other and increase the bond between them? Or am I risking putting a wedge between my boys and causing chaos in later life?

I would love to hear form you and what you think, please get in touch!

Harriet x

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