AquaClean life proof sofas

A couple of weeks ago Edith and I took a little jaunt through to London, back beyond the wall where we have been residing in our wildling habitat. I’ll admit I was a touch concerned taking Edith to a coffee shop to look at sofas, she is a true Wildling and I wasn’t sure that her behaviour would be acceptable, or mine – I’ve been known to dribble coffee down my front during elevenies and brownies make for messy eating… but this was no ordinary coffee shop, this was the Kid Kafe. This was a monumental coffee shop, run by children and filled with the sofas of every mother’s dreams: Aquaclean sofas.

The Kid Kafe was adorable, with kids running the show, living their best lives by climbing on the seats, ordering and serving chocolate milk and the yummiest donuts and cakes you ever did taste. The idea behind the coffee shop? To show that Aquaclean sofas are exactly what they claim to be: LIFE PROOF.

What, I hear mothers everywhere cry, are Aquaclean sofas and why do I need them in my life? These are magical sofas that you can clean with WATER and a cloth, without having to remove the covers. Uh-huh. Forget using the monthly (bi-annual?) sofa cover washing and re-dressing day as your main workout day, you wouldn’t need to with Aquaclean, to paraphrase Paw Patrol: No stain is too great, no stain is too small. From the milky cereal spillage during breakfast to the feral toddler pitching for a space in the Tate modern with their scribble artwork whilst you try to cook dinner and all the way red wine that you try to enjoy after bedtime to make up for all the hot cups of tea and coffee you didn’t drink and the food you didn’t get to eat without sharing. Wash it off with a simple cloth and water, no need for anything else.

I know, I know, I will be frank: I called rubbish too. I didn’t believe it, smugly handed Edith a pen when they handed us samples of the Aquaclean material and told her to go to town (side note: they did tell us to do this, I’m not that much of a rebel) which she did and I promise you, no word of a lie, the water literally lifted the pen from the fabric like we were in some kind of Harry Potter movie scene. It was amazeballs. The sofas aren’t sprayed with a special child-stain-life-stain repellent, the fabric of the sofas is made with each thread, every single thread, being coated in a completely natural and unique technology and can then be designed into a range of fabrics and colours to suit every style you could wish – better still, you can choose the sofa of your dreams in John Lewis (the main retailer of Aquaclean fabric) and ask for it to be covered in Aquaclean fabric, and voila! A life-proof sofa.

Let’s be frank about it my lovelies, there are sofas out there that claim to be like Teflon, they claim to be 100% child proof, but if you kids, dogs and husband are anything like mine then the chances are they have been put to the test and you’ve either found them wanting OR you have bought a sofa that you don’t like the look of, can’t stand the style of and that looks like it has left all personality back in the store for the people whose lives don’t involve jars of Nutella and a 2 year old with a drive for messy and mayhem. Have you ever seen a sofa that promises to be life proof in chic green velvet? I have. I’ve seen this miracle of modern tech and it’s name is Aquaclean. I’ve mentioned a few times that we are going to be renovating our house, starting off by building an annex for my mum and then an extension, but when it comes to the interior we’ve started to briefly look at various things – what kind of set up would we like? What will we need new? What fittings, flooring and kitchen will be needed in the annex? In amoungst all of these things the one thing that I can guarantee will be making it’s way into our home will be Aquaclean fabric because it flatly refuses to compromise on style, affordability and range, whilst staring the toddler stains, the dog messes, the less glamourous side of life in the eye and sayin “Gimme your best shot, I’ll be fine.”

Seldom am I so impressed with the marrying of style and lifestyle practicality as I have been with Aquaclean, to know that I could shop for any sofa in a huge department store with thousands of options and then peruse a colour palette that is a varied as Reuben’s transformer collection in a range of fabrics from velvet luxury to day to day thicker stitching is enough to bring on all the giddy smiles and make me want to pop a bottle in celebration (safe in the knowledge that if I spill it, it really won’t matter at all!)

H 🙂

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  1. Avatar August 31, 2018 / 5:38 pm

    We moved House when lily was 2, bought a new sofa (leather as you know I thought that was the best idea with a toddler). Went upstairs to go to the toilet one morning and came back down to find it literally covered in pen!

    I think they call it artistic impression! Anyway, an indestructible sofa sounds like an amazing investment! x

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