Mum’s day out with The Blogger Programme

A week ago today I went down to London with my faves The Blogger Programme to have a bit of a mummy day out.

The Blogger Programme is a platform for bloggers and influencers, no matter their size, to sign up to if they want to collaborate with brands. My own experiences with them have seen me collaborate with some of my very favourite brands like Tesco. As a blogger, when you work on a campaign with a brand there are often a lot of different things to consider. Once you’ve worked out that you are a good fit for each other and the blogger believes in the campaign and brand (which is why you won’t see any dieting lolly pops or the like on here – I don’t believe in them and I don’t want to promote that kind of thing) you then have to work out what you are both looking to get across. The brand’s message is usually included in a brief which lets you know what they want to get across such as they want to let their chosen blogger’s followers know about a special offer they have going on or perhaps why they feel their products are brilliant. What I have always found with The Blogger Programme is that they design their briefs in the BEST way – both concise with what the brand you are working for is looking to get across but totally flexible to allow you to explore your own ideas and your own voice. I would never work with a company that scripted me or told asked me to write something I didn’t believe in or agree with. I feel confident that if I didn’t like a particular idea I could go back to the team at The Blogger Programme and pitch something totally different.

Since I’ve formed such a good relationship with the lovelies over at The Blogger Programme, I am always up for the chance to grab a drink with them or attend one of their events!

This particular event was centred around taking their fave parenting bloggers out for a bit of a treat at the most gorgeous little Elemis spa I think I have ever been to and a 3 course meal afterwards. I can honestly say it’s one of the nicest, most laid back and fun events that I have been to in a long time.

I used to use Elemis products a lot, and I have also been a fan of Liz Earle and Strivectin, but my first love from the age of around 13 was Elemis. I used to use their cleanser and toner, I then moved on to add in their pro-collagen cream and even their little day and night oil capsules. I loved my evening routine, but once the children arrived I started to let it slide. It slide into nonexistence once Edith arrived and though I can be good for around 2-3 weeks, I always fall back out of the routine (usually thanks to travelling and not taking things with me). It’s been roughly 5 years since I had a facial (behave) and when The Blogger Programme told me that I was going to be treated to, not only a facial but an Elemis facial, tailor made for my mush, I was over the moon.

First thing they offered was a Facial assessment report which scanned 6 layers into my skin to see exactly what my “issues” were – and they were as I suspected, combination (my T-zone gets so oily) with a few areas of dehydration, which is largely due to being so coffee fuelled and not drinking enough water! The facial used mainly Biotec and resurfacing products and was absolutely amazing, I just can’t recommend it enough, in fact I have made myself a promise to treat myself to a spa day, just alone and able to relax in my robe!

Following our treatments, we headed to the absolutely lovely Avenue Restaurant on James street. I indulged in a tomato and mozzarella starter with a chicken main dish – both of which were superb. As for desert the chocolate parfait was decadent and divine in equal measures.

The chatter was wonderful, I was lucky enough to be with Alice Judge-Talbot from More Than Toast and Emma Manchester from Life Through Ems Eyes who I know through various other campaigns, but also to meet the lovely Gabrielle Bassett from Gabrielle wears Denim. We talked birth stories, having kids and life as bloggers/instagrammers and it was LOVELY!

If you are a blogger and you’re looking to start working with brands or you work with brands on a frequent basis then I can’t recommend The Blogger programme enough, sign up or find out what they are all about!

H 🙂 x


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