I saved £131 on my back to school shopping!

Some like Pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, I like bargain shopping and coffees at my computer.

My Voucher Codes challenged me to see how much I could save if I did my back to school shopping via their website and it was a challenge that I readily accepted in my undies at the computer with a slab of salted caramel chocolate tart and a cuppa. I was a little bit sceptical, I mean, we don’t spend that much on back to school stuff do we?

As it turns out, we do.

I wrote this review of Tesco back to school uniform last week and I discovered that I would spend roughly around £90 on the kid’s clothes and that was before I threw in shoes and trainers, new bags, potential absolutely-unnecessary-at-primary-school stationary and now, because Roo is moving up to year 3 and will no longer get the free school meals, we’ve given him the choice of school meal or pack up and he has chosen pack up so I need lunch bags and boxes… sigh.

My first stop was back to Tesco where clothes are available from £3. I can already attest to the quality of these particular school uniforms and I trust them 100% so I added the remaining items that I needed to my basket at the cost of £30. If you follow me on Instagram you will know that Edith and Toby have recently had Kickers boots ready for autumn/winter and I remember having Kickers myself as a child, so I looked at getting the boys a pair of school shoes each. These should have been £55 and £45 respectively, but we had 15% off using the code on the My voucher Codes website, which dropped the combined price to £85 for both pairs of shoes instead of £100. Yes, it’s still high in cost when you could buy something cheaper elsewhere but both of my boys are really hard on shoes and we have discovered that having to buy them again and again because Reuben rips the soles soon adds up.

Then it was on to Shop Disney to look at their offers of 20% off for back to school items such as colouring pens and bags. Toby is obsessed with pugs, so this Puppy Dog pals back would go down a treat for his bits and bobs, as would this drinks bottle (which will come in handy for him when he has his operation). Reuben has a HUGE love for Infinity Wars so these note books are ideal for practising his writing and doing homework, and Edith needs a new back pack for preschool. All in all, the basket came to £34.40 instead of £41.00.

The boys are at a Forest school which means that every Friday they go into the woods and do some forest schooling – so they must have a forest school kit too. I’ve always had a very thin mac style waterproof in their forest school bag but they have always had to wear that over their coat in winter so this year, they will have one coat and it will be a waterproof one! I added a Milatex jacket from Tog24 (which are extremely expensive but I buy them large to last the whole year and bare in mind I’ve always bought two coats to accommodate the forest school and the normal school bags) and the 2 coats came to £80 instead of £190 (a 65% discount).

The savings we made were a lot bigger than I expected, I spent £229.40 instead of £361.00, a combined saving of £131.60.

Shopping around might be key, but with offers like these from My Voucher Codes, you really can’t go wrong.

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