7 Garden finds you NEED this Summer

If you follow me on social media, chances are that you will know we have had our back garden done! It took agesssss to get sorted – lockdowns, family issues and waiting for the landscapers (who were well worth the wait) meant that this was over a year in the planning. Since he garden has been completed, I’ve been doing my best to avoid being inside completely! Every chance I get I’m outside with a laptop or a book. I’ve purchased planters – I’ve even sowed some seeds, which I tell you now is a bonafide miracle – and we’ve built a gorgeous Rattan day bed that we can lie out on. By far the most bougie purchase is a hot tub, the one thing I wasn’t sold on that Adam has truly convinced me will be the best thing in the world. I guess it’s the closest our family is going to get to a pool so and we do ADORE the hot tubs on holiday…

Anyway, in celebration of the new garden, I have found 7 garden finds that you need this summer. Believe me, I’ve scoured the internet and it hasn’t let me down! I’ve purposefully selected things that are fairly broad, and linked up the items I have actually purchased. Let’s go!

Rattan Day Bed

We bought one of these as soon as the garden was finished after seeing one in Homesense (we would have bought that but it was the wrong colour!) and it has been AMAZING. Apart from putting it together (which was a giant pain in the arse) it’s been a delight – watching the kids curling up on there after playing, lounging on it on the evenings and afternoons… it’s well worth it. Best part is that the one we have bought – which we found here on eBay) comes apart to form a sofa, two seats and a table! Hooray! So when we have guest over, no awkward squeezing together!

Floor Cushions

Genuinely one of the prettiest things I think we have added to our garden – floor cushions just make sense. If you’re having friends over in the garden or you have a larger family like us, whilst the grown ups are enjoying the rattan day bed or sofa set, the kids can lounge on the floor cushions. We have seen a variety, we have a couple from Argos and Habitat, but the ones I’ve picked up that I really love are these from Matalan.

Funky Plant pots

Yup, they will lift ANY garden. Obviously with ours just being done there are absolutely no plants yet, but the space is shaping up to be beautifully bright and cheerful with the help of some gorgeous plant pots from Homesense.

Artificial plants

No really, I’m not joking with you. Artificial plants in the garden are a winner, whether its for stringing along fences to make them look nicer or standing in the aforementioned flower pots. I know I won’t keep actual plants alive, and even if I could, they are seasonal. Ain’t no one got time for that. I have found some cracking artificial plants from Matalan

Garden Rug

Last year when all we had was a dirt patch for a garden, my mother in law very kindly bought us a BEAUTIFUL rug from Wayfair. It’s huge, in fact it’s huge that we have decided to use it in our yard to ‘polish the turd’ because it’s just a mess down there after years of neglect. The rug has completely transformed the whole space in a way I didn’t even think could be done. It’s so pretty. Best thing about garden rugs is that they can easily be pressured washed or just rolled up out of the way.

Scatter Cushions

Oh my days. I can’t even tell you how much a scatter cushion excites me ha! I’ve always loved them, but now I have a garden to jazz up, I love them all the more. You can get garden specific ones to just prettify your furniture or you can go rogue and use ANY. Don’t limit yourself to the garden section, just take them inside or buy a waterproof cover for your furniture and keep them under. I love finding cushions in Homesense, H&M home, Zara, Wayfair, the supermarkets (never, ever discount these as they often have amazing selections) and Matalan.

Garden Mirror

Sounds daft, but a garden mirror opens up your space and makes the whole area feel bigger. It’s brill, and they look really lovely surround by pretty pots. This one from Dunelm is beautiful, and considering the size and weight of them, it’s not overly pricey.

And there you have it – 7 things that aren’t overly priced or extravagant for your garden that make a massive difference!

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