Meal Plan 19/04

It has been such an exciting week for us here in Casa del a Shearsmith. The garden was FINALLY finished, which meant sitting outside for 98% of the weekend just enjoying ourselves! It has been so so lovely, I can’t even tell you!

Food wise, it’s not been too bad – though I’ll concede, I’m not overly thrilled about the whole ‘get back to veggie food’ as i really missed chicken this week! I think we’re going to keep mixing it up but it is HARD when you live with two veggie haters and one of them is kicking off every time (the other is Adam and he’s 35, he can’t really kick off anymore…)

Let’s review:

  • Monday :: Roasted Garlic & lentil stew – I thought it was lovely, Adam and Edith were personally offended.
  • Tuesday :: Veg Lasagne – It’s my fave, honestly so yum!
  • Wednesday :: Chicken Dansak – bit hit and miss, I thought it was lush, Adam and Roo enjoyed it too but Toby (who is normally a fan of everything) wasn’t keen on the pineapple.
  • Thursday :: Chicken stuffed sweet potatoes – skipped this one!
  • Friday :: Pasta Sicilia – this was ridiculously yummy for something that took as long as pasta takes to cook. I could have had it on the table in 3 mins if it was fresh pasta!
  • Saturday :: Takeaway
  • Sunday :: Chickpea & sweet potato peanut curry – I wasn’t a fan. The sauce was nice but it was just a bit meh for me.

Ok so this week, I asked for requests – they were extremely unhelpful but I have conceded a few requests:

Monday :: Buffalo chicken Burgers

Reuben’s request – I do have a few beef burgers in the freezer so he will have that and then I’m going to try this out for myself (I don’t eat beef burgers). Recipe from Will Cook for Smiles.

Tuesday :: Steak Pie & Chips

Adam’s request! I have actually ordered a Steak pie from Tesco because i can’t be bothered – as well as the chips. I mean, who eats chips with pie… mash all the way. The eternal debate in our home!

Wednesday :: Garlic Herb chicken & sweet potato sheet pan

I didn’t use up the sweet potatoes last week so I have them to use now! I think this looks delightfully easy and simple! This will be one week to my book publishing date too! This recipe is by Cafe Delites.

Thursday :: Spicy (or not in our case) noodles

I think this is an ideal one for a nice, quick mid-week dinner. I may even end up flippin it to friday to precede football training… we’ll see! Recipe from Domestic Superhero.

Friday :: Spag Bol

Simple, easy and perfect for the pre-football grab and eat.

Saturday :: Takeaway

Sunday :: Asiago Chicken Pasta

Sundried tomatoes in summer, amiright?! This is from Julia’s album.

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