Meal Plan 26/04

It’s publication weekkkkkk!! This week is the week that my book, my actual page-through-it-in-a-shop and will live in people’s homes BOOK is going to be published. WHAT A FEELING! I’ve actually always wanted to write a book, but always talked myself out of it – you’re not good enough, you won’t sell any copies and it will be a joke, other people do it better, that scarcity mentality has always let me down, but with the help of my family, my very dear friends who I happen to be lucky enough to work with, I did it!

Anyway, the reason I’m telling you that is 1.) I’m excited, and 2.) It’s probably going to impact what we eat this week because we will be in and out, having friends over and the such. So before we jump in with this week, let’s recap last week…

  • Monday :: Burgers – Reuben was delighted, it’s not something that I cook terribly often (in fact, it’s a once or twice a year thing in summer) so he was really pleased. I did it with sweet potato chips.
  • Tuesday :: Steak pie and chips – Adam’s request, he loved it.
  • Wednesday :: Garlic herb and chicken sheet pan – Adam took one look at dinner, sighed and said ahh, I see we chose arguments for today’s dinner. He was, indeed, correct.
  • Thursday :: Spicy noodles – these were nice, they said they were still a little spicy which surprised me.
  • Friday :: Spag bol – done in the pressure cooker and WHAM, on the table as soon as they walked in.
  • Saturday :: Takeaway
  • Sunday :: Asiago pasta – this was so nice, but I think I needed to make a bit more sauce.

So this week:

Monday :: 3 Ingredient Apricot Chicken

This sounds ridiculously simple, though its not really 3 ingredient as I can’t buy Russian dressing. From Half Baked Harvest. I will be doing this with rice, not cauliflower rice.

Tuesday :: Chicken fajitas

I have found this amazing marinade from Carls Bad Cravings – never let me down yet on that website, so I’m going to assume this will be a big hit!

Wednesday :: Thai Chicken Meatball Khao

This looks… different. I can almost guarantee I will adore it, but I’m not sure what the rest of the family will think. Toby might be a big fan, Reuben usually is, but Edith and Adam might not! We’ll wait and see. Another recipe from the fab Half Baked Harvest.

Thursday :: BOOK DAYYY!!!!!!!!! (Basil Chicken Curry if we’re not too stuffed/tipsy from cake and lunch)

Cake. We’re going to eat cake. ALSO. Basil chicken curry from Half Baked Harvest – it looks amazing, but we will see whether I end up cooking it or not!

Friday :: Spaghetti Carbonara

A friend of mine does this for her family at least once a week because it’s so quick and easy. If you haven’t tried it, do – it’s not as difficult as you might think! This is from Damn Delicious.

Saturday :: Takeaway

Sunday :: Balsamic glazed Steak Rolls

This will not be popular with Edith, but honestly, if I cooked everything to be “popular” for Edith, we would eat spag bol, plain pasta and the odd bit of mash. The colour palette would be beiger than the beigiest beige. This recipe looks lovely and like something I haven’t tried before. It’s from Tablespoon.

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