Weekly meal plan :: week 10

I’m actually pleased to say I’m sticking to this – check me out. I mean, I rarely stick to these things so it’s a fairly big achievement to make it to double digits.

As you will know by now if you follow the series, I round up the previous week and give you honest feedback on how the previous weekly meal planner went. Did the kids love it? Did I? Was it as easy or a reliable recipe?

So how was last week?

  • Monday :: Chicken chow mein – this did really well, Edith moaned about the veggies but WHATS NEW?! The boys all ate it and even my mum decided to have some and declared it “rather delicious” – high praise.
  • Tuesday :: Spag bol – I didn’t end up putting anything in the slow cooker. I know. Terrible. Anyway, they had to fend for themselves for a night… I’m sure the trauma was deep but my work event went super well, thanks for asking.
  • Wednesday :: Pizza – of course this went down well. It’s pizza. Duh.
  • Thursday :: Greek sheet pan chicken – I thought this was LUSH. I think the issue for the kids was the feta, it’s a salty taste and I’m not sure they really liked that, but they ate the chicken and the boys ate month of the vegetables whilst Edith shunned them like she does everything that isn’t beige or chocolate.
  • Friday :: Take awayyyyyy – heaven. Movie night rules.
  • Saturday :: Shrimp fajitas – I loved these, alas the kids weren’t too keen. Reuben did his classic “empty the wrap and eat it” trick and Toby ate it with a grimace and a complaint after every mouthful. Edith flatly refused to try it. So I ate hers. Obvs.
  • Sunday :: Glazed slow cooker pork – everyone ate it, everyone loved it. Even Edith.

So what are we planning on eating this week?

Monday :: Quick Teriyaki Chicken rice bowls from Living Sweet moments

This looks so yummy, and the kids are actually really good with rice bowls. I think I might chop the veggies up much smaller than they are shown in the picture. Grab the recipe from Living Sweet Moments.

Tuesday :: Tuscan Chicken in Creamy sauce from Kitchen Sanctuary

This looks amazing! I’m thinking new potatoes and some green beans or broccoli – whatever we serve it with, it will be drool worthy. Find the recipe at The Kitchen Sanctuary here.

Wednesday :: Asparagus & halloumi pasta with smoky tomato pesto from Easy Cheesy Vegetarian.

This just looks insanely good, and it’s something that I wouldn’t normally think to do! Yummers. I’m not sure what the kids will make of this one, though they like tomato pesto from Sacla, so fingers crossed it will be good! Find the recipe at Easy Cheesy Vegetarian.

Thursday :: Halloumi Casserole from Easy Cheesy Vegetarian

This looks so good! I’ve never thought of using halloumi in a casserole, but I have found that if the children can’t see something within a recipe, they are more likely to eat it, so with that garlic crumb crust, I think they will eat it (or give it a go at least!) Find it here on Easy Cheesy Vegetarian.

Friday :: Take away

Saturday :: Fake away fish and chips from… Toby&Roo

I worked with Youngs a while ago and I LOVED their fish, it was just such a pleasure to work with them and this recipe is a fave in our house when we fancy fish and chips but we don’t want the expense or calories. Find the recipe here.

Sunday :: Toad in the Hole

Always a winner, I usually serve it with mash and carrots.


  1. Avatar May 7, 2019 / 3:12 pm

    Your meal plan looks great, any excuse to pile in more veggies has my vote!

  2. Avatar
    May 7, 2019 / 2:34 pm

    love the idea of a weekly meal plan 🙂 bet that helps when you have a family of fussy eaters too!

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