My 2020 travel wishlist

If there is one thing I never thought of myself as, it was a traveller. Whilst friend’s were busy buggering off on a year long trip to Australia, I couldn’t think of anything worse. So, to clarify, you have absolutely no money, you’re going to stay in hostels and work… wonderful, living the dream love, off you pop. It just never had any appeal to me, even though they raved about it and all seemed to have a blast.

Anyway, fast forward 10 years and I’m pretty much exactly where I always wanted to be, and I’ve discovered that the travel bug is starting to hit me now, especially with the kids in tow (yes, really).

I think the last two years, travelling with the three kids has been one of my biggest highlights. I love travelling with them, there are stressful times don’t get me wrong, but for the most part I feel happier and more chilled when I’m travelling with the kids.

So what is my 2020 travel wish list?

Well, Adam laughed at me last week when I said I have a goal of going away a minimum of 6 times next year – maybe one longer holiday and a few smaller ones, but that is the goal.

Where to?

Noirmoutier, France

We had SO much fun in the Vendee region of France when we went last year, we stayed with Siblu holidays which you can read about here, but we LOVED Noirmoutier, especially a little beach village called Le Vieil which we spent an afternoon at. You can hire villas and apartments in Le Vieil and we will 100% be doing so in the late spring/early summer months next year, if only for a long weekend.


We’re not sure where, but both Adam and I agree that Croatia is on our list – it looks beautiful, it has cultural sites that I will love and that I think will be beneficial for the kids (and me!) but it also has lovely hot weather and plenty of places for us to chill out and enjoy time by the pool.

Paphos or Limassol, Cyprus

I’ve actually been to Paphos before and I had a brilliant time but I can’t wait to go back and experience it as a grown up with my family. It’s such a family friendly place and SO beautiful. There is loads to do too – from the pool to the beach, the trips into the mountains (which I did and they were EPIC, the local villages and the beautiful buildings, just wonderful) to the strolls about town, it was a real treat and would make a lovely holiday for a week or so.

Disney World, Florida OR Paris

This is a long shot, frankly it is INSANELY pricey to go to Disneyworld and, real talk, after the building works, I’m not convinced I can afford it – but it is on the list as our longer holiday for 2020 (and usually when I list something, I do it so… here’s hoping). I think that Adam and the kids would really love to stay in the Star Wars hotel but I will be honest I think it will be fully booked within hours of opening and expensive as hell to boot, so perhaps that is one for years to come. Disneyworld would also start charging Reuben as an “adult” next year for his meals (which is both annoying and entirely fair as the boy usually had an adult meal and swapped with my mum for a child one.) We might substitute our (and by “our” I’m not including Adam ha!) Disney dreams for a weekend in Paris and make one of the above a longer hol.


Both Adam and I have been to Greece (I think) and I think it would be a lovely beach/pool holiday for the kids and us, just something chill and relaxing where we can walk around the town, try out local foods and enjoy some sunshine.

Italy – maybe Sardinia, Positano or similar

I’d love to take the kids to Italy, somewhere where they can play on the beaches but where we can go out and enjoy the amazing Italian food and soak up the culture on an evening. We visited Rome as a couple of months ago and absolutely loved it, I think that the boys would really enjoy seeing the ruins and learning about the romans too!

So those are the places I would really like to visit as a family in 2020!

H 🙂

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  1. Avatar May 8, 2019 / 2:22 pm

    Croatia is somewhere I have never considered before…. It’s on my list now though – thanks for the inspiration!

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