Taste of Chocolate… in Wine!

Choc au Vin by MarRon Liquers

Choc au Vin by MarRon Liquers

Now I know you probably wrinkled up your face at the very thought of this wine (my husband is a sommelier and he certainly wrinkled his nose until he tried it!) but I promise you it is divine! It is the perfect gift for any lovers of chocolate or wine. Personally, I am not a lover of dry wine, but I find that sweet, pudding wine is glorious and this wine is meant to be more of an aperitif or pudding wine than a full table wine.

I came across these wonderful wines at a country show a few years ago and I fell in love with them there and then! Extract of Cocoa Bean infused into red, white and rosé wines to create a speciality wine that is perfect for enjoying after dinner.

Give yourself or a loved one an unusual treat this holiday period, MarRon do a perfect taster set of these wines so you can sample the red, white and rosé before you pick a favourite!

Harriet x

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