Sweet decorated chocolates for new mamas from Le Petit Bon Bon

Le Petit Bonbon chocolates via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

Tasty and the perfect gift for new mamas to enjoy.

Let’s face it, giving birth is pretty darn hard work, there is no wonder they call it labour! So when you go to visit a new mama it is really nice to take them something that just says, “Well done you, here’s a little pick me up or treat for yourself’. Am I right?

With Reuben I was in hospital for a couple of nights, and I only had immediate family to visit, everyone else opted to wait until I was home (thank you!), however my husband knows how much I hate hospitals and wanted to bring me something that would pick me up a little bit and make me smile at 2.40am when I was trying to understand what the hell to do with this new, squalling pink thing that I was exclusively in charge of! Flowers are a no (yep, don’t go taking flowers into hospitals, they are now banned!!) and I couldn’t really be expected to get the chance to go and have a nice soak in the bath with some fancy bath products… so … chocolate!

I think these adorable decorated chocolates from Le Petit Bonbon are the perfect gift for new mums. They are delicious and can be nibbled at will! Each box contains 10 chocolates and is decorated according to the gender of your new baby (which is even sweeter if you have had a surprise!).

You can get your hands on some for a baby shower or new mama gift here.

Harriet x

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