Mummin’ It Podcast is here!

It’s here!

The Toby & Roo family is really expanding in 2021 with my debut book Mummin’ It launching in just a couple of weeks and now this, the latest member: Mummin’ It Podcast, my new podcast aimed at sharing the wins and woes of parenthood. Whilst I’m Mummin’ It, I want to know what other parents are doing – what does their experience look like, how are they coping with all the things that parenthood throws at us?!

Mummin’ It Season one is focused around parenting in a pandemic, whilst I was cracking on with my three kids at home, I want to know what were other parents doing because I really believe that everything about this pandemic has screamed “same storm, different boat”. Each episode I’m chatting to someone fabulous who has a totally different experience to the person before them and me. I’m talking to Jess from The Only Girl in the House about parenting teens and going through separation, Tom from Unlikely Dad about being a parent to a child who was desperate to get back to school, Sophie from Sophie Belle Brown about pregnancy, birth and first time motherhood through lockdown, Kaytee from The Nurse Mum about how the pandemic has affected her as a solo parent to a little boy with severe disabilities and Jess from The Fat Funny One about going from two to three kids, staying positive and loving your body after lockdown.

If you fancy listening, you can do so on Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Podcasts, CastBox, Acast and more – click here to subscribe and/or listen to episode 1, with a new episode each week!

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