50+ Movies to watch with your kids this Halloween

Ok, it’s happening! It’s nearly October baby!

I love October – it brings cooler air, we’re closer to that C word that I’m not allowed to say before November and we’re finally breaking out the blankets, roaring fires, hot chocolates and getting cosy. I love it. One of the other things I love is Halloween – I love an excuse for a party and I really enjoy watching not-so-scary movies with the kids, so I’ve put together a list of movie recommendations I would give for Halloween movies with kids!

  • Hocus Pocus – it’s got to be number 1, right? It’s the best.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas – because Halloween IS the nightmare before Christmas… can also be a Christmas film but I refuse to think of it as a Christmas film.
  • Black Cauldron – you know what this NEVER makes it onto lists and I really think it should, it’s defo got the scare-but-not-too-scary factor and it’s a Disney film.
  • Nightbooks – brand new to Netflix and like nothing you have seen before. It’s a horror movie… for kids. It’s VERY much on the scary side, but minus any gore or violence usually associated with horror genre, just a lot of peril and threat. Honestly, it was scary and it scared Toby & Reuben shitless (Edith is a psycho and wasn’t scared at all) but it’s actually a really good movie and ideal for kids who like to be scared!
  • Hotel Transylvania series (1, 2 and 3) – love them, can’t go wrong with them! I don’t think they are scary at all either, more fun and character themed.
  • Casper – I mean he might be a ghost, but he IS a friendly ghost.
  • E.T – Ok, confession, never been an E.T fan… but it makes the list because it’s a great classic and I can’t not put in on there!
  • Goosebumps 1&2 – These are a little bit scarier than some of the other ones, Toby absolutely loved them!
  • Scooby do movies – ESPECIALLY the new one Scoob, my kids really enjoyed it (admittedly I fell asleep but that was less a reflection on the movie and more on my crippling middle age-ness).
  • Luca – as I type Edith is watching this for the eleventy billionth time. It’s BRILL. It’s about “sea monsters” so that is why I’ve included it but, honestly, it’s not scary at all. Just bloody fab.
  • Coco – another one I adore and with the perfect alternative to Halloween that embraces the culture of Day of the Dead.
  • Ghostbusters (old and new!) – I’m a big fan of the Ghsotbusters movies, I had so many of the toys when I was little. I didn’t adore the new one but it wasn’t terrible.
  • Cruella – it’s FLIPPIN FAB, a little on the long side for Edith but me and the boys enjoyed it.
  • The Book of Life – I wasn’t a fan but it’s very colourful and great for littles.
  • Addam’s Family – The new one! I thought it was great – absolutely not that keen on the originals though.
  • Fantastic Beasts series – If you have a Potterhead, then this is a great series to try, and if you have a child that loves the less-scary or less-dark films, then I think the original Fantastic beasts is great, a few scares but mostly just… fantastic beasts!
  • Harry Potter series – Adored HP as a kid and still do, the films get darker as they go up because they grew with their audience.
  • Goonies – Adam loves this film and I’ve never seen the appeal – I think I’m odd with movies – I rarely like cult hits!
  • The Witches – This actually scared the toffee out of me as a kid and Reuben can’t watch it either. Toby thinks it’s ace but this is the child that got really upset when I told him he couldn’t watch Chucky or It.
  • Jumanji – both the old and the new, totally different films and both are brill. I really love Robin Williams as an actor and I think Jumanji could be one of the best kid’s films he did, but I’m also here for the modern versions too.
  • Nanny McPhee series – The children all really enjoyed these and whilst they aren’t Halloween themed, they are magic filled so that is why I’m counting it.
  • Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events – I mean it’s essentially a kid friendly horror…
  • Gremlins – because they are CUTE.
  • Monsters Inc – 2319!
  • Jungle Cruise – I adore this, it’s one of Disney’s best action films for a time, I’m obsessed. I’ve included it purely because there is a bit of magic and mystery… and I like it ha!
  • Toy Story of Terror – I actually really like the Toy Story mini movies, they are so well done and ever so much fun. It might be worth adding here that Disney have lots of great short movies that would work well!
  • Paranorman – Another child friendly one that my kids enjoyed, it’s simple and it’s an easy watch!
  • Frankenweenie – this is another cute one, again, monsters without the scare!
  • Malenficent 1 & 2 – love these and I don’t think they really qualify as scary, the fairies/creatures are more magical though there are some battle scenes in them both!
  • The Worst Witch – Who DIDN’T love this? And who didn’t want to turn Ethel into a frog… and step on her… too far?
  • Witches Ball – Not seen this but it’s coming up on my Netflix suggestions as similar to the Worst Witch so we’re adding it to the list!
  • All Hallows’ Eve – A budget version of Hocus Pocus by the looks of it, another one I haven’t seen but is on Netflix and ready to watch!
  • Monster House – I think this one was a nice little watch but Reuben (who isn’t a horror or Halloween fan at all) hated it.
  • The House with a Clock in it’s Wall – none of mine enjoyed this film BUT it might be one for yours, it seemed like a good story and Jack Black is always a win for me.
  • Corpse Bride – Tim Burton will forever be the Halloween king. creeeeepy.
  • Halloween Town – I’ve never seen this series so we’re fixing that this year!
  • Haunted Mansion – Eddie Murphy doing his thang.
  • The Mitchell’s vs the Machines – this is BRILL. Honestly, it’s one of those animated kid’s films that I could happily watch alone.
  • The Little Vampire – Stuart Little’s Johnathon Lipniki stars and he’s a little cute. It’s a really sweet film!
  • Four kids and It – Not really much of a Halloween movie but for children that don’t like scary AT ALL, this has a magical vibe.
  • Coraline – Toby watched part of this when waiting for his op and I have to say I hated it BUT it qualifies as creeeeeeepy.
  • The Adventures of Icabod and Mr Toad – Disney Classic!
  • Zombies 1 & 2 – I defy you not to know all the songs by the end of the 293474 time you’ve sat through the movie with your kids. It’s catchy.
  • A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunter – this was fab, super watchable as an adult. A little scary in places but generally such a good film!
  • Beetlejuice – On the fence here – my kids saw it as I was told it was suitable and it was yet another movie that everyone raves about that I hadn’t seen and I didn’t think it was that suitable at all. Make your own mind up… oh and I didn’t like it either. Not sorry.
  • Descendants 1,2,3 – again, not really Halloween but they are villains so I’m taking poetic license but if you have children who are easily scared but you want something that is sort of, maybe, kind of, almost themed without having to stay up at night with them then this is it.
  • Labrinth – taking it as a Halloween one because it can be creepy in parts. I’m doing it. Don’t @ me.
  • Spooky Buddies – for the puppy lovers.
  • Twitches – this is on Disney Plus I believe! A bit of witchy fun!
  • Mom’s got a date with a Vampire – another one of Disney Plus, another one that I haven’t seen but that looks like some classic 90’s fun!
  • The Scream Team – ghostly fun with Disney.
  • Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children – quite a lot about this is scary to be fair, all three of the kid’s said it was a litttttttle bit creepy, but it wasn’t awful and they did enjoy it, but perhaps not for the easily scared.
  • Girl vs Monster – Disney Plus with a tweeny style film about a girl who discovers her parents are monster hunters. You aren’t getting more Halloween than that!
  • Don’t look Under the Bed – shit myself on this as a child, not going to lie. That Bogeyman is scary. 100% going to confront my fears and… make the kids watch it.

So, what do you think you will watch?

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