Meal Plan :: Week 9

Annnnnd we’re back! Those of you that have followed this series will know that I don’t do my meal plans throughout the school holidays because its so unpredictable! One day we might be intending to have a meal but we don’t get home until late because of traffic, so in order to avoid that, I don’t meal plan and we just go for whatever.

With everything returning to normal this week, we’re all about that meal plan again!

Monday :: Chicken Chow Mein from Healthy Nibbles and bits

This looks so yummy and promises to be cooked within 30 minutes so it’s a winner for a Monday evening! You can find the recipe at Healthy nibbles and bits.

Tuesday :: Spaghetti Bolognese

This has always been a winner and as I’m going to be away for the evening at an event in London, this means I can throw something in the slow cooker before I leave and know that my family have a tasty meal. Find my slow cooker spag bol here.

Wednesday :: Pizza

Knowing the family the way I do, there is absolutely no way that anyone is going to cook anything fancy SO I have shoved some pizzas in the oven for the them all to have (and I will grab something on my way home from London!)

Thursday :: Greek Chicken Sheet Pan from Laughing Spatula

I LOVE feta and this just looks drool worthy, plus chicken is so easy to deal with in the mid week mad rush. It cooks quickly and it goes with everything – for the win. This greek chicken sheet pan recipe from Laughing Spatula can be found here.

Friday :: Take out night

You all know how I feel about this night, it is what gives me LIFE… ahem, no wait, its terrible… I love to cook midweek whilst trying to work and running about after kids who don’t want to eat what I slaved over…

Saturday :: Skillet shrimp from Taste & Tell blog

I love me some fajitas, truly I do. These look amazing, I think that I will do a portion of chicken and a portion of shrimp/prawn because I know that Adam will not eat seafood and it would be nice to get the kids trying it but they have a back up too. Funnily they are usually really good with prawns BUT that is in pastas and main dishes like curries, I’m not sure how they will respond to tacos, though I did beef taco one night during the Easter hols and Toby loved it. Find this taco recipe on Taste & Tell blog here.

Sunday :: Glazed slow cooker Pork belly from Eat 101

This looks lush and I’m trying desperately to clear out the freezer as we are getting rid of it soon ready for the new kitchen! I think this looks like a great way to use it and I’m going to serve it with veggies and roasts! YUM. Find the recipe for this pork belly on Eat 101.

Enjoy! x

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