Meal Plan :: Week 11

Guyyyyssss something exciting happened last week – my mum overheard me saying I was going to buy a pressure cooker when the kitchen was done and bought one she saw on offer!

I thought as such I would share my fave pressure cooker meals, after all its the equivalent of a new toy when you’re an adult isn’t it?

Monday :: Creamy Tuscan Chicken from Pressure Cooker Recipes

No you’re drooling. This looks amazing and takes 15-20 mins by the looks of it. JOYOUS DAY.

Tuesday :: Instant Pot Roast from Recipe Rebel.

Here for the idea of creating a stew in under 4 hrs! Heyyyyyyy. It’s still an hour long recipe but most of that is throwing ingredients in the pot and buggering off to do your thanggg – which is mostly homework in this house.

Wednesday :: Instant Pot Meatball Stroganoff from Mommy’s Home Cooking

Toby lovessss meatballs and this is such a lovely take on a classic – one for the winner pile I reckon.

Thursday :: Instant cooker Baked potatoes from Mindfull Mom

Simple and perfect. It’s things like this that I would normally cook for agesssss in the oven that I have been really wanting to try and I’m not going to be disappointed I don’t think! I will serve with either cheesy beans or tuna for the kids and maybe buy one of those sandwich fillers for the grown ups!

Friday :: Takeaway


Saturday :: Jamaican Curry from Two Sleevers

This sounds so good and it’s something a little bit different. I love cooking curry but it is time consuming and I rarely have time anymore so this is a winner for me!

Sunday :: Let’s go out!

I think it would be nice to have a family day out on Sunday if not we will probably have a picnic at home – but I’m not planning anything too specific here!

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  1. Avatar May 20, 2019 / 2:40 pm

    My friend was on about her new pressure cooker and they sound amazing. She has cooked a full chicken dinner in it in about half an hour! Amazing!
    All of these recipes sound so good especially the curry x

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