10 Kitchen inspiration ideas

As you know we are having building work done to the house, there is the annexe and then the extension/change of the downstairs – so what I wanted to do a few posts with decor that is inspiring me – kitchen ideas, utility/laundry room ideas, hall way ideas and tile inspirations.

I thought I would start with my fave – kitchen inspirations and kitchen decor ideas!

Splash of colour

I love this sage colour, especially with lots of pops of green plants! Found via dearest designer.If the tiles on this one from Architectural digest aren’t enough to make you swoon then the absolutely luscious blue colour surely is!

Country Living knows where it’s at – apparently grey is one of the hottest choices for colour!

The paler blue, as found on My Domaine.

I think this one is really pretty, the pale blue is just delicate enough that it could lend itself to other designs. I love it.


On the floor or on the wall? Oh I just don’t know! I think I’m leaning to tiles on the floor, and going for something fancy dance, but Adam isn’t sure.

I really love a busy floor tile. These just look amazing, I’ve seen them in a light and darker blue and I’m all over them. Image: tonsoftiles

The subway tiles in this room are filling a very specific need in me and I’m LOVING them. I was never a fan of subway tiles but they have really grown on me! I think that these are the ones I will go for above my kitchen units.

Image: Jenna Sue Design

Phwoar. You know you’re getting old when your default is to moon over floors – but here I am. I LOVE these hexagon tiles, I think they are fairly busy but oh my days they fill me with joy. Found via Moon to moon and this post has all the wonderous floor pics you could need.

This is the way that I really want my tiles to filter into the laminated floor… and this is NOT the way Adam wants to have it. Let’s just say that marital bliss is about compromise, and my compromise is that I will let him live if he agrees with me on the damn tiles. Fair right? Cool. Glad we all agree. Via Keltainen Talo.

Quirky ideas to make a difference

We’re going to have a corner in our kitchen and I rather like the idea of maximising space like this, it makes sense to me! Via OMG Home Decor

This idea from House Beautiful is brilliant, a chute for all your peelings whilst you’re cooking would be great *but* I think that the reality would be that I would lose my keys or the kids would put something in it – maybe not.

Argh I think is sensational, and because we’re having a utility as well, I’m going to give this some serious thought because I just love the idea of having the dog bed underneath the cabinets and out of the way. If we don’t do the whole thing then I at least want to factor in the end part with the dog bowls! Via Homes Renovated.

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