Meal Plan 3/2

Hey hey hey! So last week was a brilliant mixture of “yes I stuck to that plan” and “I’m away and didn’t” but I found, and this is a bold statement, possibly my favourite recipe EVER. I ate so much of it I swear Adam had to roll me to bed.

  • Monday :: Beans on toast – delicious. I mean, just always a winner.
  • Tuesday :: Gumbo – BEST DISH EVER.
  • Wednesday :: Non-meat meatballs – I was in London and didn’t get home until late so…
  • Thursday :: Cheesy potatoes and eggs – … we had the meatballs that had no meat! They were nice, I thought it was totally 100% obvious there was no meat, but really liked the flavour anyway!
  • Friday :: Take away
  • Saturday :: Tacos – We actually ended up having spag bol at home with friends which was LOVELY!
  • Sunday :: Chicken meatballs – These were lovely, really tasty and very easy to make! I’m 150% doing them again, on Toby’s request – though I will say the peanut sauce was a bit meh for me.

So, what about this week – well as you can probably tell, I’m trying hard to cut back on the amount of red meat we eat. I’m not saying we’re going to eat no meat, but I’ve tried to limit it to one or two meals a week with red meat, so I’m going to just keep going with it!

Monday :: Healthy Vegetarian Chilli

Ok, look, I LOVED Ambitious Kitchen and the chicken meatballs I made last week, so I thought I would try another recipe.

Tuesday :: Teriyaki chicken with Pineapple rice

Now this is a bit of a loose cannon… I am almost 100% sure that everyone will eat and enjoy the Teriyaki chicken, but the pineapple rice will possibly go down badly. I love pineapple in savoury dishes though? It’s always tasty… and yes, if you must know, I love it on a pizza too. The recipe is from Crumb de la Crem!

Wednesday :: Chicken Enchiladas

I do a love an enchilada! This recipe is done mostly in the pressure cooker and, as you all know, that is my fave piece of equipment in the whole hizang. The recipe is from Number 2 Pencil.

Thursday :: Greek Style baked cod

This looks lush, whether we will actually enjoy it as a family who are notoriously bad at eating fish, remains to be seen! Here is the recipe from The Mediterranean Dish.

Friday :: Takeaway

Saturday :: Pizza

We might make it, we might not… I think it would be nice to make some dough, I used to do it ALLLLL the time with the boys but then life got busier and busier.

Sunday :: Beans on toast!

We’re going to be doing a collab with a beans brand, so that is what we are going to have for dinner!

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