Meal plan 27/01

OMG disney was amazing – thank you for asking. Now I’ve got that out of my system, it’s back to reality with a cold bump. Nothing is more depressing than having to cook and get back to normality on a monday after a weekend away or holiday is it?

If there is one thing I can say though, it’s that right now Harriet is intensely grateful to past Harriet for learning over the years that the only thing worse than hitting the bumpy road of normality is hitting that same road without any food in the fridge and having to do an emergency shop. I always place myself a little tesco order (in case you haven’t heard of it, I am a Tesco delivery saver customer – it’s amazing, you can find out about it here).

So, last week –

  • Monday :: Toad in the Hole – it was lovely, went down a treat, infact to be honest I think I’m going to have to start making two pans worth (which will mean I need to order a new pan… ffs) because the boys always ask for seconds and I never have any…
  • Tuesday :: Lasagne – changed it to Spag bol. Truth is Adam wasn’t around and I don’t think the kids are that bothered… either way, I couldn’t be bothered to faff with lasagne so just halted at the bolognese stage and whacked in some spaghetti. Oh and I made it quorn – they could tell and let me tell you they were NOT amused.
  • Wednesday :: Chilli con carne – again, the easiest thing to do the night after spag bol or lasagne, just make a bigger batch and bosh. Your add some herbs and kidney beans.

This week is starting in the most thrilling of manners…

Monday :: Beans on Toast

Yeah, I’d deadly seriously. I might get up in there and grate a bit of cheese on this mofo but actually, beans on toast is a REALLY good meal for a family and with a 4 pack of beans and loaf of bread, you can all be stuffed for less than £2. Here for it. IF you want to go fancier, I would suggest doing a baked bean egg bake from Heinz.

Tuesday :: Tiana’s Gumbo

I thought I would delight myself with some disney meals! Yes, I’m a geek and no, IDGAF. Tiana’s gumbo is almost as famous as her beignet’s and yet I’ll be honest, I’m not sure the kids have had either… even at WDW or DLP… I love it so I’m hoping they will too. One thing I will add – this meal worked out really expensive. Fortunately I like gumbo so I will invariably eat it all over the couple of days after if the kids hate it, but I would hate to throw up a suggestion that has cost a lot to try and find people weren’t made aware. Find the recipe on Add a Pinch. 

Wednesday :: Meatballs sin carne

I think I feel a theme emerging. Whilst the iconic scene from Lady and the Tramp will be absent from the table, though I am undoubtably the lady to Adam’s tramp, these should go down a treat. For those of you that took my recommendation to use Duolingo, you will know that that is meatballs without meat – which I will be buying premade. Which I wrote like that so Adam won’t moan about his lack of meat because I’m fairly certain he will only read the title and look at the picture to check in on the grub. This meaty recipe from The Hopeless Housewife looks rather lovely too.

Thursday :: Baked cheddar eggs & potatoes

Toby has decided that he loves eggs. He kept trying to steal mine a few weeks ago when I did Shakshuka, so I thought this would be a perfect recipe to try. I have this overwhelming urge as a meat eater to find something that relegates this to side chick, but apparently that is unnecessary and this is a complete meal. Tenner says they ask me where the rest of dinner is: see also, cauliflower cheese (It is a meal, don’t @me). This recipe is from Taste of Home.

Friday :: Take away night

Praise. Be.

Saturday :: Taco (not) Tuesday

It’s not Tuesday but we’re rebels. It’s absolutely the day for tacos and I’m really excited to try this recipe from Savoury nothings for southwestern crockpot chicken. I will pop it in the pressure cooker so that it is cooked within 30min instead of 8hrs because it’s just so ruddy convenient. Soft taco shells are the real draw for this, and some nachos chips.

Sunday :: One pan ginger chicken meatballs with peanut sauce

I mean. This is just a little bit of gloriousness from Ambitious Kitchen isn’t it? I typed in veggie packed meals into pinterest and I just felt like everything that was coming back was something that the rest of my family would raise an eyebrow at and slowly chew like I was trying to force feed them something straight out of the depths of hell. I walk a fine like of wanting them to eat lots of veggies and knowing they just won’t eat it. Add in the pressure of having my mum over who is a self confessed veggie hater and difficult to please, it gets you down after a while. Anyway, tangent. I LOVE the look of this and I think all of them will at the very least try it and give it a good go.

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