Meal Plan 25/04

Ahh the first week back to school and reality after two weeks off for Easter, the JOY. Our first day back came with a bikability course, yes, you read that right… FIRST day back. Does my child have a bike? Nope. Let’s file it under stressful – picture me calling/texting all my friends like some kind of feral Mark Cavendish. We got a bike sorted, had an evening practice and very early morning spin and off he went. Sigh!

So, let’s move onto food – no point in looking over what we have been eating over Easter, it’s a largely chocolate based affair.

Monday :: Chilli con carne

I’ve actually pulled this one from the freezer because 2 week ago Harriet was a Queen and made extra. What a woman she was. Today Harriet just needed to catch a break so leftover chilli from the freezer it is!

Tuesday :: My not-so-famous Chicken Curry

You can grab my chicken curry recipe in my book Mummin It – it’s fool proof and easy to adapt to pretty much everything from veggie to other meats and fish. Enjoy!

Wednesday :: Spag Bol

Classic, innit? You really can’t go wrong with this spag bol recipe, I know everyone has one but this is the winner for me. From my absolute fave Taming Twins.

Thursday :: Jacket potatoes

Had this at a friend’s house last week and honestly had forgotten how much I LOVE jackets. She did them in the slow cooker too so they were INSANE.

Friday :: Pizzas

We are trying really hard this month to avoid takeaways so we are going to make some pizzas! The kids really enjoy doing it, and frankly for 69p per packet of ASDA pizza mix, it’s a really inexpensive activity before you curl up and watch a movie.

Saturday :: Slow cooker beef stroganoff

I haven’t done a stroganoff in an age and the kids (ahem, usually) love it! You never know, they might have changed their minds now and act like I’m force feeding them cat poop, but we can try it! Adam and I will enjoy it at least! This is from Hungry, Healthy Happy.

Sunday :: Thai chicken curry

Another belter from Hungry, Healthy, Happy – easy to do and will leave just enough for me to send the kids will a hot lunch on Monday morning!

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