Meal Plan 23/12 Christmas special

I know I said I didn’t think I would do this, and honestly, there is probably no point but I’m going to do it anyway. Statistical probability of sticking to it is LOW people. LOW.

Feel free to substitute most meals with “Quality street” and “cheese”.

So last week:

  • Monday :: Lentil Daal curry – well this was a turn up for the books! Edith and Toby liked it but said that they really didn’t like the spinach (and the peppers in Edith’s case). Reuben wasn’t a fan at all, which is fine and Me & Adam had seconds. WIN.
  • Tuesday :: Honey Teriyaki Chicken
  • Wednesday :: Pizza night at friends – wild, loud and of course the most popular night of the week.
  • Thursday :: Marinaded chicken – I actually popped the marinade on the day before and it was lovely. Kids weren’t thrilled with the veg as predicted but it was a yummy meal.
  • Friday :: Take away – perfection.
  • Saturday :: Creamy tomato Chicken pasta
  • Sunday :: Rich veg stew and polenta

So this week…

Monday :: Cheese fondue

K, so… I ordered a fondue set. I know, I know. Will I use it often? No. Will I probably curse having to find somewhere to put it? YES. But there you have it. I ordered one. I’m excited to get it and it’s pretty. I’m thinking potatoes, bread, pasta for Edith, salami, hams and some cooked veggies. I’m really excited about this! The best part is that I can use it for fun chocolate versions too! This recipe from Eat Little Bird looks awesome for a family cheese fondue.

Tuesday :: Christmas Eve

Well, this one is a tradition for us, Adam and I always have a nice baguette of chunky bread with Camembert, and the kids will have something like pasta before they open their Christmas Eve boxes!

Wednesday :: Christmas Day

OH HELLOOOOO! I go totally OTT. Not going to lie… We will have starters, turkey, beef and veggie options AND all the veg/trimmings, followed by a dessert. I actually really do love a good Iceland special. They have a fabulous Christmas range and I’m always really impressed with their stuff!

Thursday :: Boxing Day

Bubble and squeak is a breakfast must have, obvs. For dinner I think I have to confess it will be something really random that encompasses all the leftovers and party food. It will be. Throw in some quality street and that is the truth.

Friday :: What Day is this?

What even is this day? We have now entered the limbo phase. Welcome. I think we will have something tasty like this left over turkey curry from The Endless Meal! Have you even had Christmas if you haven’t had a turkey curry?

Saturday :: Currently part cheese, part chocolate but I had best feed the kids…

If there are any leftovers then this Turkey, bacon and sprout pie recipe from Waitrose is looking like a winner…

Sunday :: Again, I have no idea if we will stick to this…

Still on the what day is it train, BUT if by any chance there are any leftovers, this Turkey Shepherd’s pie recipe from Julie’s Eats and Treats looks amaze.

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