Our New York Bucket List

Hello my loves, how are we? I mentioned a few days ago (actually, by the time I finish writing this and put it live, it will be more likely a week ago) on instagram stories that we would be going to New York shortly, with the kids and asked for some advice! Where to go, what to see and what to do – and the response was brilliant, with so many messaging me to ask me to share my findings SO here we are!

One thing I would like to note is that for every 5th helpful message to let me know what to do with my kids and where to visit, I would receive a “DON’T TAKE THEM!” message, so the I think there is a.) a huge misconception that NYC is somewhere to avoid going with kids, but b.) A LOT that you simply can’t do with children and it is a completely different holiday. That isn’t to say that people who were saying “don’t take them” weren’t helpful, but rather that through their own experiences they found New York either too big or too crowded, and they really enjoyed the nightlife, the speak easys… all the things that you can’t really do with kids. So it’s worth managing your expectations I think!

Anyway, we only have four days in New York, and one of those will be taken up with a VERY awesome work collaboration that the children are going to piddle their pants over (and, oh hello, so am I!) so it’s going to be a short visit where we simply won’t be able to cram in EVERYTHING we want to, but that is an excuse to come back with the toerags AND an excuse to come back as a couple to do the grown up shenanigans. It’s also worth noting that I’ve been to New York a couple of times as a teen, but this will be a first for Adam and the Kids, so I have a few VERY vague memories of what I really enjoyed and what I didn’t! I can’t wait to see how different it is!

So what actually made it on to the New York WITH kids bucket list?

Here it is!

  • See the Statue of Liberty using the FREE ferry, but not taking a tour. I think the kids are a bit young and I’ve heard the tour is disappointing for old and young. Also, it’s a two in one experience to use the ferry!
  • Rockefeller Centre (not ice skating) and top of the rock which I’ve been told is a much better view than the Empire State Building.
  • See Empire State – but not in, or up. When I was there it was only a few years after the 9/11 attacks and ferries to Liberty and going up the Empire state was a no, you couldn’t do either, so in a way I would like to, but I don’t think the kids will care and we will see it from the rock.
  • Visit Times Square, although I’ve been told that it is FERAL and one that we will probably quickly grab a picture and then run away from. Bit like Oxford Street during Xmas shopping season or Leicester Square when there is a big movie premier on.
  • Walk around Central Park – I’m conscious of two things, one – it will be freezing, and two, little legs means lots of whinging. So I want to visit Central Park because it’s iconic, they have a zoo and lots of play areas, but I’m aware that we probably won’t be there for HOURS with it being so cold.
  • Head to Dylan’s Candy Bar. I actually remember this place, so I cannot WAIT to see the kid’s faces. HOW exciting! It is one of the most famous sweet shops in the world, and it was full of american candy.
  • Not too far from here is Serendipity, which my mum took me to for their iconic hot chocolate. IF we get time I would love to go back, their iced hot chocolate was insane.
  • American Girl cafe (or just the store if it’s too busy) – I think American Girl dolls and Our Generation are pretty much the same thing and E will be getting an Our Generation doll for Xmas, not to mention she is ALL about these dolls at the moment, so I would love to take her there.
  • Joe’s Pizza is a must for us because of Reuben, who will just be SO excited by the fact that this is THE pizza shop from Spiderman. Plus, ya know, Pizza.
  • FAO Schwartz is another one that I’m really excited to take the kids to – it’s basically Hamleys on steroids and I LOVED it as a tween/teen, so I have no doubt mine will love a little trip too.
  • Magnolia Bakery has been highly recommended so I would really like to make it to there too. It’s famous for classic american bakes and if we don’t make it there for a treat…
  • Doughnut plant is the next one on the list. It looks like the doughnuts are huge, which will bring Adam the greatest joy known to man.
  • I did think about the 9/11 memorial, but I feel that perhaps I’m going to be asking a bit much in with that and three children that don’t understand very well. Adam isn’t particularly keen on the idea and I still remember being sat in the emergency meeting at our school, age 11, tears rolling down my cheeks because I had seen the news the night before and people looked so scared and sad. I think, for this trip, it’s one that I want to skip because I can’t offer it the piece of my heart that I would want to.
  • The High Line with Doughnuts is 100% on the list. It was an old industrial railway that is two stories up and is now a park. It looks like a really fun stroll.
  • Ellen’s stardust diner sounds like SUCH fun but I’m not sure if the kids would adore it so I’m kind of on the fence but I’ve put it on the bucket list anyway.
  • Considering Madam Tussards but I’m just not sure… I mean… we have been to the London one and the kids really weren’t arsed, so is it worth it? It’s on the “potential” list.
  • Little walk through Greenwich village would be lovely, but again, only really if we have time. Might be one to do when we come back without the kiddos.

So there we have the bucket list!

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  1. Avatar December 31, 2019 / 6:48 pm

    hi 👋🏻 so sorry I didn’t see this earlier. i live in NYC sooo here’s my thoughts.
    Economy Candy – best candy store EVER
    The Meow Parlor – hang with adoptable kitties
    Double Decker tour bus – will take you everywhere & you can hop on & off.
    Max Brenner CHOCOLATE restaurant – OMG 😍
    St. john Church of the Divine has an incredible facade & a crazy cool sculpture outside
    Jane’s Carousel – at the Brooklyn waterfront in the neighborhood called DUMBO
    Circle Line – 2 hour ferry that takes you around the island of Manhattan
    The Intrepid – extremely cool war ship to explore which is docked on the west side of Manhattan.

    I could go on & i will if you’d like. have fun & happy new year! 🎊🎈🎆♥️

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