Meal Plan 23/09

Well. Last week was all a bit… shall we say muddled. We loved some things, we didn’t get around to doing a lot of things and we had some mid meal changes of heart.

  • Monday :: Slow cooker chicken curry – amazing. Seriously one of the nicest family meals we’ve had together and just so easy to do. I bunged everything in the pressure cooker instead of the slow cooker and it was done and perfect is 30 mins.
  • Tuesday :: Stuffed Risotto balls – I couldn’t make this recipe as I just couldn’t find any Uncle Ben’s risotto rice anywhere and I wasn’t sure how top adapt. So frustrating as it looked amazing.
  • Wednesday :: Creamy Chicken noodle soup – Ack this was the most frustrating thing of the week. It was absolutely delicious, everyone was making their way through with appreciative noises until Toby declared… “This is SOUP! I don’t like soup!” and then proceeded to make sick noises and refused to eat it. It really was one of the nicest soups I’ve had in a LONG time.
  • Thursday :: Chickpea curry – lol, went as well as I expected but it was really delish. I think if I had mashed the chickpea it would have been better for the kids.
  • Friday :: Take Away
  • Saturday :: Chicken Parm-Stuffed bell peppers – Ah I was really looking forward to giving this a go, but I booked a last minute job in London so Edith and I trotted away for a girly day.
  • Sunday :: Lasagne – always a winner, however I felt pretty naff on Sunday so I did a chilli con carne in the pressure cooker with some rice as it was less faff. One day I will learn to do super easy meals on a weekend…

So about this week – I’ve had a few requests, one of those being “please don’t cook anything with chickpeas” and another being “Can we have a burgers one night?” so I’ve tried to work out how I can make everyone happy, not spend too much time making food no one will eat AND keep it all vaguely nutritional… and I can’t, so I’ve given up and created a meal plan that I will probably stick to 4/5 things and tried to please moi.

Monday :: Fish Stew Recipe (Brazilian Mouqueca)

So look, Adam won’t be thrilled as he really hates fish BUT we need to increase our fish consumption. The NHS tells us that 2 portions a week is what we should be having and we’re lucky if we have 2 a month and even then it’s 100% from the chippy. Whilst I’m not the biggest fish fan, I do love a stew or a curry with fish. Maybe Adam can suck it up? Who knows. If not, he’s a big boy and will just sort himself out as he normally does when I make fish dishes. This beauty is from Sarah at Taming Twins, after last week’s slow cooker chicken curry, I feel a need to try more of her recipes!

Tuesday :: Chicken and Avocado Tacos

Earlier on in the week Reuben asked me if he could try avocado. I mean it came as a bit of a surprise as they aren’t usually here for trying new things but I figured that whilst the going was good, I should give him the chance! This recipe from Gimme Delicious looks lush and I’m hoping that it is something he really enjoys as I love avocado and they are so good for you.

Wednesday :: Macaroni Cheese

We don’t need a recipe for this right? K, cool.

Thursday :: Mary Berry’s Sausage Tray Bake

I mean, honestly, if it’s good enough for Mary B, then it’s good enough for me. Will my small food critics snub it? Who knows. They will most likely eat the sausages though. Think Positive and all that jazz. Find the recipe here.

Friday :: Take away

Saturday :: PIZZA

Have I learnt? Have I just placed a shop bought meal that requires zero effort on an appropriate night? HELL YES I HAVE. Genius mate.

Sunday :: Instant Pot Beef Pot roast

Easy? Check. Sunday roast-esque? Check. Perfect for a cooler day after Toby has played football? Check check check. I’ll just serve this with lashings of bread and butter (knuckle bread for the grown ups and Roo, sliced for Edith and Toby). Here’s the recipe from Kristine’s Kitchen blog.

And there we have it, another week, another meal plan that will go unappreciated by the majority of the family but that will leave me feeling somewhat organised. Ish.

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