Meal Plan 2/12

Helloooooo December! You know what this means don’t you? YEAH YOU DO. It’sssss Chrriiissstttmmmasssss (if you didn’t do that in the tone of Slade then who even are you?).

So is that relevant to what I’m going to cook this week? Sigh, probs not… but just in case you were wondering I’m very excited about Christmas and I used “December meals” as a search option in Pinterest for this week’s recipes.

Here’s a round up of last week:

  • Monday :: Cottage Pie – went down a treat as always.
  • Tuesday :: We’re out – I actually didn’t feed them out and about, I fed them pasta with cheese at home.
  • Wednesday :: Puttanesca – Everyone, even Edith loved this.
  • Thursday :: Chicken & asparagus bake with potatoes – everyone seemed to really enjoy this, it’s one of my faves!
  • Friday :: Takeaway – yummers!
  • Saturday :: Sausage and Mash – I actually did Fajitas, which were meant to be tomorrow, but we were sent a delicious selection of Xmas food, so…
  • Sunday :: Fajitas – Christmas dinner is what we had! It was lush and I have to confess it was really nice to have a roast!

Monday :: Cheater’s white wine coq au vin

I actually have a bottle of white wine that hasn’t been drunk (I know, what am I doing with my life?) so when this popped up, I thought it would be perfect with some tagliatelle. I won’t use legs, I will use breast – the recipe is from Pure Wow and you can find it here.

Tuesday :: Sailsbury Steak Meatballs & mash

I mean, I’ve never tried Sailsbury steak before, but these sound like a winner, especially for Toby who loves meatballs. I found the recipe via Jo Cooks.

Wednesday :: Pesto Cheese filled gnocchi

I do love me some cheese – can I get an amen? I actually saw these cheese filled gnocchi on the Tesco app when I was doing the shop and figured I would try them. I love a pesto sauce, I just use Pesto, a bit of stock and sometimes cream. Adam hates pesto so his will be with a different sauce… awkward bugger.

Thursday :: Butternut squash red thai curry

Gosh I love curry. Not to mention veggie curry is always a fave, I mean there is something about it that lifts the sometimes boring vegetarian options, amiright? This recipe is from Little Spice Jar.

Friday :: Take away

Saturday :: Bangers and Mash

Sunday :: Spag Bol

This will be heading into the slow cooker (or pressure cooker) so that I can do it with minimal effort and maximum chill.

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