Meal plan 17/08

As promised, last week was so up and down, there really isn’t anything to report today to be honest. We didn’t really eat at home hardly at all, and when we did it was so last minute I had to rush about like a crazy woman – this week, however, is going to be different because we are going to be stuck home and hiding from the rain and storms. Yay!

Surprisingly the storms are rolling in and I think it feels cold but the weather is actually not too bad, it says it will be 16-25 throughout the week on my app, so I don’t want to fall into the trap of planning warming “Autumn” style dinners when it might not be cool enough and we’ll all be sweating our arses off!

So let’s just dive right in with my plans:

Monday :: Hawaiian Chicken

This looks really nice and we’ve tried similar before so I’m hoping it’s a hit! Recipe is from Joyous Apron.

Tuesday :: Cottage Pie

Yes, I know I said I didn’t want to be making recipes that were too warming but sod it, I’m sat typing and I’m cold.

Wednesday :: Creamy Chicken Alfredo

Kitchen Sanctuary never lets me down, the recipes are always winners so I’m going to test out this chicken alfredo and see how we go!

Thursday :: Shakshuka

The boys loved it last time and it’s been a while since I’ve given it a go – so I figured I’d make it this week. This Shakshuka is from Downshiftology.

Friday :: Takeaway

Saturday :: Mexican beef tacos

These look really yummy and I have a large beef brisket in the freezer, so if I whack it in the slow cooker earlier on in the day and just forget it, by dinner time this will be insanely good. Recipe is from RecipeTinEats.

Sunday :: Fajita chicken Pasta

I’ve tried this before but someone on instagram mentioned a fajita chicken pasta dish and it sparked a memory of how good it is! So here is this offering from 30 minute meals!

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