Meal Plan 10/08

Ok, don’t be mad… but this week I am not going to be doing the conventional meal plan because they truth is that we are out and about everywhere, we have days out filming for brand work and days out with friends – I’d 100% be lying to you if I even tried to claim we would eat a meal plan.

Before we dive into this week, lets have a look at last week:

  • Monday :: Fish Burrito – honestly? Didn’t feel wowed by it at all. It was fairly bland and I was really disappointed! No one seemed overly impressed!
  • Tuesday :: Aloo Gobi – I thought this was really yummy and it was eaten by everyone with just a little bit left over!
  • Wednesday :: Chicken chimichanga – EVERYONE had seconds, even Edith. It’s literally one of the most popular dishes I’ve ever cooked. No lie.
  • Thursday :: Honey garlic carrots with lamb chops – we didn’t get round to it! I totally forgot to take the chops out of the freezer… fail!
  • Friday :: Pizza – we did and it was lush!
  • Saturday :: Meatballs – no one was especially keen on this! Too sharp but broad beans are still out.
  • Sunday :: Pork Cutlet and stir fry :: I loved this! It was really tasty and the pork marinaded well.

So, about this week… I’m going to share a couple of recipes that I recommend you add to your meal plan or at the very least try them out!

Chicken Dopiaza from Slimming Eats

Don’t be put off by the fact that it comes from a slimming site, this was so popular with my whole family that they all had seconds and I thought about bath cooking it for the freezer (but then promptly remembered that the dog food takes over 80% of the freezer and I never have space). Shred the chicken instead of cooking it in chunks – you won’t regret it. Here’s the recipe! Also I now cook my rice like this every.single.time because Edith loves it!

Chicken Chimichanga from The Chunky Chef

I know this was only last week but guys, it was so popular. Everyone LOVED it and it was genuinely easy. The chicken was done in the pressure cooked and then I baked the wraps. Simple. Here is the recipe!

Orange chicken meatballs by Life Made Simple

These were a real pleasant surprise, so if you didn’t try them on the meal plan by in May then I would strongly suggest you give them a go now! Here’s the recipe!

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