Meal Plan 17/05

Hello hello! How is everyone? Fresh from another exhausting weekend of ferrying the kids around to their various activities if you’re anything like me! HA! I’m excited for this weekend though, after Edith’s football practice we are braving the FIRST proper day out in months – heading off to Alpamare for an afternoon of swimming! I can’t remember the last time we all went swimming! I do remember the last time we went to Alpamare though, Edith slipped over and ended up in A&E having her ear glued together… BUT we aren’t going to mention that around her when we are telling them we are going!

So let’s have look back at last week:

  • Monday :: Stuffed Bacon wrapped chicken – didn’t manage to do this one and I can’t remember why!
  • Tuesday :: Chicken Ramen – delish and a big hit with me and the boys! Edith was bizarrely picky with it which was annoying as normally she would like that kind of thing!
  • Wednesday :: Halloumi tacos – the halloumi was moaned about but it was tasty!
  • Thursday :: White chilli chicken – usually a winner but this recipe wasn’t as good as the last one we had.
  • Friday :: Lemon pasta – bloody awful. No one liked it, including me.
  • Saturday :: Takeaway
  • Sunday :: Roast Ham – my in laws asked last minute if they could have the kids for the afternoon so this was a bust. Gutted.

Monday :: African Chicken stew

Ooof this looks lush. African Bites does some amazing recipes so I’m looking forward to trying this. I’ll serve with rice as suggested (maybe her Jollof rice?), and whilst I would love to get the kids to try plantains I haven’t a clue where I would get them in not-so-sunny Yorkshire.

Tuesday :: Mac n Cheese

Tuesday is my “shit” day, where I just wake up feeling like I cannot be bothered to do anything and forcing productivity is an effort! So, simple Mac n Cheese is the solution!

Wednesday :: Cheesy Chorizo Chicken

Now this is from Sainsbury’s Magazine and let me tell you it looks YUM! Cheesy with that hit of chorizo, it’s likely to be a hit with even Edith who bizarrely loves strong flavours of salami, chorizo and pepperoni.

Thursday :: Lasagne stuffed pasta shells

This little beauty looks right up our street and with the kids really enjoying the pasta shells last week, I think it will go down well. The recipe is from Easy Weeknight Recipes.

Friday :: Beef & Broccoli Lo Mein

This is another one of those awesome done in 10 minute recipes, this time from The Recipe Critic. Simple, perfect for the mad rush of a Friday evening when Toby & Adam are heading off to football practice and full of flavour! Nom NOM NOM!

Saturday :: Takeaway

Sunday :: Beef & Prune Stew

Yes, I know we’re on our way to Summer but the weather didn’t get the memo and some days it’s chilly! So I didn’t rule out stews just yet! This recipe from Slimming Eats looks and sounds lush – I’ll do some creamy mash, veg and yorkshires to go with it!

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