Meal Plan 24/05

Sorry to sound like such a true Brit but, um, wtf is going on with this weather? Why May? Do you not know that we are meant to be experiencing sun now? It feels like the last few weeks has just been rain storm after hail storm after a bit of sun after RAINNNNN. I’m done with it.

Anyway, last week was such a mixed bag – we had a really good weekend though, Saturday was the ultimate highlight as we went to Alpamare as a family and had the absolute best time. We were meant to be off to Go Ape on Sunday but it was cancelled so we had a quiet day and that was decidedly less fun! The kids always seem to bicker more when they are at home.

FOOD WISE: it was one of those weeks where we didn’t stick to everything on the plan but we didn’t do too badly…

  • Monday :: African Stew – we ate this later on in the week! It was really yummy.
  • Tuesday :: Chorizo stuffed chicken – bladddddyyyy lovely.
  • Wednesday :: Mac n Cheese – yep, simple and easy. What a win.
  • Thursday :: Lasagne stuffed shells – wasn’t impressed with this, it just seemed a bit meh.
  • Friday :: Beef & Noodles – we had this later on in the week and it was delish!
  • Saturday :: Takeaway – we ended up getting fish and chips on the way home from Alpamare!
  • Sunday :: Beef Stew :: Nope!

So what about this week:

Monday :: Country Chicken Casserole

I’m trying to use up all the stuff that I have in the back of my pantry cupboards this week so when I saw this recipe I thought it would be a great chance to use up my tins of soup. I’ll be using mushroom and cream of chicken soup instead of the celery listed. This is from Campbells.

Tuesday :: Chicken Curry from my book!

Yay! I’m going to batch cook the chicken curry recipe in my book (which you can grab a copy of here) It’s beyond simple to make and just one of those recipes where you throw everything into a pressure cooker or slow cooker and pop off! Perfect for those Tuesdays (I hate Tuesdays ha!)

Wednesday :: Spag Bol

Good ole spag bol – I’m batch cooking like a boss this week it would appear. As a side note: I had to order 2 garlic breads this week instead of the normal one because the boys have reached the age where they are just never full. GAH!

Thursday :: Sausage Stroganoff

Confident that the words sausage and stroganoff together will have made a few culinary eyes water, but this looks like something my kids will really enjoy and it’s speedy to boot! From BBC Good Food.

Friday :: Korean Chicken Rice Bowl

I think this from Ocado sounds lovely, and as always, perfectly speedy to make in advance for the manic Friday evening that we have thanks to Toby’s football training!

Saturday :: Takeaway

Sunday :: Sunday Roast

The kids are going away for the week (well, 5 days!) with their grandparents for half term – it was meant to be months ago but, ya know, covid – so I thought that we would have a delicious Sunday snuggly meal together!

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