Meal Plan 16/12

It’s the last week before Xmas! Yay! Are you feeling ready? I mean, it doesn’t actually feel that close… it feels fairly chilled out over here. I’m awaiting the end of term, but then silently panicking about the end of term and the kids needing 24/7 entertainment.

At the moment, not sure I will do a meal plan next week because I don’t think “half a tin of quality street and a slab of turkey” counts as a meal, but it’s a truthful representation of those days inbetween Xmas. I’ll think about it.

Anyway, let’s have a look at last week:

  • Monday :: Spag Bol – yes we did, yes it was delish.
  • Tuesday :: Fajitas – It was delish and everyone enjoyed it apart from Edith who spent 98% of the time moaning about peppers and the other 2% picking at the wrap she was given.
  • Wednesday :: Chicken Kiev – always a winner. It’s actually something I always mean to make myself but shop bought is just so much easier.
  • Thursday :: Chicken, broccoli and rice casserole – LOVED this, but the kids were quite whinge-y with it, especially the boys which really surprised me as they are normally bottomless pits that I can throw food at and voila.
  • Friday :: Pizza/Out – we didn’t end up going to Toby’s party as a fam, just let him go with daddy, so we ordered our own pizza!
  • Saturday :: Out – We went to Lightwater Valley Lantern festival! I wrote a review on my instagram here.
  • Sunday :: Lasagne – the joy on Adam’s face when I tell him we are having this. My mum declared it ok. So pleased I cook for her daily.

So, on to this week, I’ve thrown in a few curve balls here and I’ll be honest I’m not hoping for much but I REALLY want to try and eat something a little different.

Monday :: One Pan Lentil Daal Curry

Like I said, curve ball. Will anyone eat it? I don’t know because we have terrible experiences with lentils, but this just looks SO good and I figured it was something different to the veggie curries I make. The recipe is from Busy Baker here.

Tuesday :: Pressure cooker (instant pot) Teriyaki honey chicken

This should be something that the kids enjoy. They love chicken and they usually really enjoy something that is Asian. Anyway, the recipe is Creme de la Crumb and it looks lush. I will be in my element anyway.

Wednesday :: Pizza night at a friends!

It’s the school nativity night so we are having a pizza night with some friends, that way we don’t have to drive there for the afternoon, drive home in a speedy exit and then rush back.

Thursday :: Marinaded chicken with roasted veg.

I wanted to link up Recipes from the pantry with this marinade post instead of giving you a set recipe, I think you can choose from any of these and be on a winner, I haven’t chosen between honey chipotle or Herb. I would do one of the others but my mum can’t eat spice… to be honest you could even do different marinades for everyone… With the veg I’m going to do carrot, potatoes and peppers I think. Maybe throw an onion in to really distress the kids. Edith will be on to childline.

Friday :: YOU KNOW.

Holla for the takeaway nighttttttt.

Saturday :: Creamy tomato chicken & pasta

Frankly, What’s in the pan has nailed this one. It looks so good and it will allow me to use up some of that leftover spinach. Perfect.

Sunday :: Rich veg stew & creamy polenta.

I feel like this is the one that could cause the most trauma. I mean… I don’t think the kids have ever actually *tried* polenta which is saying something for children who are made to try something new everywhere we go. Oysters… Mussels… Snails… they have had most of the stuff that some adults haven’t tried! So I think they need to give this a go. This looks drool worthy from The Cook Report.

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    December 18, 2019 / 9:45 am

    Thank you for this ❤️ 2020 is for me, going to be the year I get organised! And your blog will help me so much with the delicious recipes and meal plans, so thank you and merry Christmas xx

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