Meal Plan 11/01

How was your first week of lockdown? For us it came as no surprise, though 12hrs notice of homeschooling was a genuine delight – cheers Boris. We muddled through, we had a birthday (mine) and we had a lovely weekend filled with relaxing and wondering if there would ever be more to life than Netflix and Fortnite.

Now, I find that when I’m wearing all the hats – the writer, the content creator, the teacher, the mother and the wife – I feel a bit lack lustre when I come to cook things. I start to wonder if I really can be bothered, cut corners and tell myself that the takeaway is a great way to support the local businesses, but I’m doing my best to stick to things!

Last week:

  • Monday :: Courgette & chicken bake – delish, and all of us really enjoyed it, even Edith wasn’t as enraged as I expected.
  • Tuesday :: Italian chicken & veg soup – this was lush, I made enough for one lunch this week!
  • Wednesday :: Aubergine Caponata – no one liked it very much apart from me and I didn’t think it was amazing!
  • Thursday :: Stir fry chicken & noodles – always a hit!
  • Friday :: Takeaway – we did!
  • Saturday :: Lasagne – I forgot that it was my birthday so I for went making this and we had a takeaway after the kids were in bed!
  • Sunday :: Fajitas – another one that is always a hit!

Moving on to this week, I’m aiming to be really strict with us and try my best to stick to the meal planner as much as possible. It’s also quite hard when you’re the one cooking lunch and dinner!

Monday :: Thai Cashew Chicken

I’m quietly confident that Edith will moan about the nuts but this is one of my faves. I substitute the chillies for peppers so it isn’t spicy at all! This recipe is by Eating Thai Food.

Tuesday :: Chicken Wraps

Might need to put a bit of my own spin on this, instead of the coleslaw I will try out lettuce BUT I love the recipe and I think it will be a nice change. I’ll probably add something like wedges. Find it at Simply Whisked.

Wednesday :: Grilled chicken with mango salsa

I love how colourful this is and I think the boys especially will enjoy it. Edith will probably just eat the chicken and be force fed a mouthful of salsa but it’s always worth trying her! Find this recipe at Healthy Fitness Meals.

Thursday :: Sweet potato & Chicken Curry

This is one for the pressure cooker whilst i do something else I think, something simple and easy to do! Find the recipe at The real Food Dieticians.

Friday :: Takeaway

Saturday :: Prawn Saganaki

Well, Toby and I love prawns so this will please us at least. Reuben and Edith just don’t get them very often and Adam hates them with such a passion that I will probably cook him a chicken version! The recipe is from Super Golden Bakes.

Sunday :: Porcupine Meatballs

According to where I found this recipe it is classically Aussie, and I’m so here for that! Please note, for those worried, it’s not *actual* porcupine!

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