Meal plan 10/01

Well that week felt like a long year didn’t it?! I think Jan always feels insanely long and drawn out, but I did have a lovely birthday yesterday (9th) so that was something to enjoy!

Let’s have a little look back at last week:

  • Monday :: Chicken noodle stir fry – this went down so well with the boys but, as usual, Miss Edith declared it wasn’t for her.
  • Tuesday :: Chicken Pot Pie – used up the last of the puff pastry I had and everyone enjoyed it!
  • Wednesday :: Chilli con Carne – another hit!
  • Thursday :: Veg Lasagne – this ended up being bolognese because I couldn’t be bothered to follow through…
  • Friday :: Beans on Toast – maintain this is a British delicacy.
  • Saturday :: Chicken Tacos – went with chicken curry instead!
  • Sunday :: Roast Dinner – actually ended up going out for a meal!

Moving on to this week:

Monday :: Spaghetti Bolognese

I know more or less everyone has a ‘go to’ recipe for Spag Bol, but if not, this one from Recipe Tin Eats is *chef’s kiss*.

Tuesday :: Chicken Curry from my book

It’s so easy, so adaptable and my book is currently 50% off on Amazon as I type this!

Wednesday :: Grandma’s Fish Dinner

Does it look terrible? Yes Sir. Is it delicious? YESSSS. It’s so good and such a different way to use up breaded fish. Packed with veg too & takes 20 mins – you can find the recipe on my site here.

Thursday :: Katsu Curry

I think I will make this with a chicken substitute from Fry’s but I won’t be telling the kids! This Katsu recipe is from Jamie Oliver.

Friday :: Ravioli

Just plain and simple – I’ve bought some ravioli from the supermarket and I will just coat it with some butter OR a simple tomato base sauce. Dinner in 4 minutes on one of the busiest nights of our week.

Saturday :: Chicken Peanut Curry

I might swap this with the curry earlier in the week because Grandma is coming to watch the kids for a few hours whilst I go out with a friend and I don’t really want her to have to deal with the kids moaning if they are trying something new. This delight is from This Mom’s Menu.

Sunday :: Chicken, Artichoke & baby potato bake

I LOVE this, whenever we have had it it’s been mixed with the boys but honestly it’s delicious. This recipe is from Clean Eating Mag.

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