5 Apps for improving your mental health this year

The last couple of years have seen some pretty huge changes in my life if I’m honest with you, and it came to a head at the end of 2021 with a serious need to connect better with and focus more on myself. I feel like I’ve spent an awful lot of my time over the last two years just treading water, not really knowing when the waves are going to crash over me or if I will be able to keep pushing forward when they have. And crashed they have. So in 2022 I’ve made myself some promises, and a part of that will be to work on myself and focus more on my mental health. I’m not naive enough to think that I’m going to be able to achieve better mental health with just a few apps, no, but I do think that these apps are helping me make very small changes that refocus my mindset daily.


This app is basically a daily journal and it’s excellent for pouring everything off your chest. It has a free version or you can upgrade, but it’s well worth downloading if you just want to get stuff off your chest and check in with yourself throughout the day. I’ve found that writing down how I’m feeling, no matter how ugly or heartbreaking it might sound, has helped me to off load those emotions to a certain degree and has stopped them from swallowing me whole. A problem shared is a problem halved right? The app also gives you quotes & daily challenges to help you out.


Made by the same company – it gives me daily prompts to write down what I’m grateful for, what’s made me laugh today, what’s made me smile, what is something someone did for you that was kind, what did you enjoy etc. I can assure you some days it’s as basic as being grateful for a hot cuppa because nothing else has felt good, and other days it’s something I can read over and remember that life isn’t as bad as it might feel in those low mood moments.


My period is a right bellend. Yep, she’s a horror and the level of stress, upset and downright depression that I can face in the days leading up to P day are awful, but I found last year that having some kind of tracker helped me. I have a mirena coil so my periods are virtually non-existent, which means I found tracking them really hard, but clue just gets smarter with every input. I’ve started with a clean slate because I missed a few months at the end of last year and my cycles changed because of stress.

Sleep Cycle

I’ve been a sleep cycle user for a few years now, and I’m sort of on the fence with how helpful I find it. I stopped paying for premium last year because I don’t really need the sleep sounds to put me to sleep and I’m not overly fussed about the statistics, I also find it tricky to know whether or not the app is recording Adam lying next to me OR me and tracking my sleep. What I do find useful is the alarm that wakes you up at the best point within a 30 minute period to fit with your natural sleep cycle. It also tells me how long I’ve been asleep and what that sleep was actually like, but I’m never sure if thats helpful or not!


Tally is a really simple app that has helped me to build some habits – simple things, like drinking more water or keeping a tally of how many books I’ve read this year!

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