Meal Plan 01/03

White rabbits, it’s March! As I am writing this I am sat in sweatpants, my nose is streaming and I’ve had enough Olbas oil and Vapor rub on my person to tranquilise a rhino. I officially have mum flu, and I feel shocking. Will this impact the meal plan this week? Possibly… but I’m hoping that this rotten cold will be gone tomorrow and I’ll be back to my usual form.

So, let’s investigate this week’s *plan*…

Monday :: Spag Bol

I’ve already done it, it’s gone in the pressure cooker and it’s ready for this evening. DONE.

Tuesday :: Baked potatoes

Minimal effort – extra room for pancakes because it’s Pancake day! I’m not sure whether I will go butter and cheese or beans and cheese… maybe even chilli con carne?

Wednesday :: Chilli con carne

Another pressure cooker beauty, simple and easy to cook, the best part is that I will be able to use part of it for the kid’s lunch the following day, either in tacos or as a quesadilla.

Thursday :: Potato Dauphinoise

I haven’t had this for years, my mum used to make it when I was younger and I always loved it. I am thinking I will serve it with sausages for the kids, the boys especially will love it! This is from BBC Good Food.

Friday :: Bun Cha Vietnamese Meatballs

As you can probably tell by the way this has faded from recipes I could cook in my sleep and the kids will eat without question to recipes that I haven’t tried before, I am presuming I will be 100% fit by the end of the week. If not? Lol, I will not be doing this. Hell no. But I will be. This is from Recipe Tin Eats.

Saturday :: Takeaway/Out

I’m not sure what time I will be home as I have an appointment in Leeds with Sk:n clinic about some botox I’m considering! The kids are out with their Grandma, but if they are home in time, I’ll order us a takeaway but if not they will eat out!

Sunday :: Macaroni Cheese

I’m going to make this extra cheesy and yummy!

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