The Tate Liverpool for kids


My husband and I managed to escape to Liverpool for an overnight stay at the beginning of the New Year, just for a little bit of us time to start the year off. During our little trip we visited the Tate Liverpool, an art gallery that holds an impressive collection of modern art and also a rater little known children’s section.

The Tate Liverpool actually has quite an impressive focus for children, the children’s room in particular impressed me as I could see both my boys enjoying themselves in there, with the options of building, creating and colouring. Great fun! The gallery also run special events during the school holidays for children, and I would certainly recommend nipping in if you’re in the area for a free and fun day out.

Visit their site here, or have a look at their children’s site to see what your kids think.

Harriet x

P.s – The shop at the Tate is brilliant, the book selection for children is really exciting, so I would encourage a look in there for sure.

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