Get the Disney fix with digital downloads

Anyone who knows me well will know that I am a massive fan of Disney, and as such, I really think I’ve passed that on to the kids.

Who doesn’t love a bit of Disney? From rocking around to the music (If you haven’t danced around in your underwear to “I wanna be like you-hoo-hoo” from The Jungle Book then you simply haven’t lived my friend) to snuggling up together on a Friday night movie night to watch one of your favourites like Big Hero 6 or Toy Story, Lightning McQueen or Dory, there is something about Disney that really reaches out to adults and children alike. When we visited DisneyWorld last year, I’m pretty confident that I was more excited than the kids!

As big Disney fans it will no doubt come as no surprise to you that we have a tonne of Disney DVDs and even a few VHS tapes – which sparked an interesting conversation with Reuben that made me feel ancient and totally amused all at the same time! Despite having all of the classic Disney DVDs we do we’ve been getting our Disney fix lately via digital downloads. There are a few reasons but most of them stem back to convenience and ease of use – who doesn’t love something that is easier?

And, as well as all the much-loved Disney favourites, the brand new Cars 3 releases on Monday November 6th on digital download and we’re really excited to be able to download it and enjoy it at home together.

Here are some of the many reasons to download Cars 3 or any Disney movie you want:

1.)    Have you ever turned to a toddler and said “I’m sorry darling, I can’t find Rapunzel, will Elsa do?” I have… nasty business! It usually brings on what I have affectionately termed “the caterpillar” – a body bending temper tantrum that puts *the fear* into you until you manage to locate the desired Princess. With a digital download the Princess you are seeking (or whichever one your little darling changes to as soon as you find the one he/she demands) is there, ready and waiting to sing, dance and frolic at the touch of a button!

2.)    Have you ever gone to the DVD player and found it smeared with something ghastly like slime or a piece of toast? I have. Oh yes. You know what doesn’t work if you feed it toast? A DVD player, that’s what. How about a broken iPad (been there) or a TV that just didn’t work one day? With digital downloads, there is absolutely no issue there – if one “device” isn’t working, you just open up your device or go to your downloads and BOOM your favourite character is right there! Always.

3.)    Leaving for the school run half way through a TV show or movie is the worst – you can’t take the TV with you and even if you could, there are no sockets in the car. THE HORROR. With digital downloads you can save them to your phone or tablet and they are there, ready to play and watch wherever you are.

4.)    Nothing makes a mama (and child) smile like not having to get up or unwind yourself from poorly snuggles or tired snuggles because you just have to push a button to watch.

5.)    I can stream the movies on any device, so if I want to turn the TV over, the children can keep watching using the Wifi, even without downloading the movie (which is great if the kindle doesn’t have much memory space left as I don’t even need to save it!) and if we want to take the movie with us on the school run, it just needs to be downloaded and bosh! Job done.

Another thing I really love about having a digital download option is exactly that: OPTIONS. As well as new releases like Cars 3, you have hundreds of different movies to choose to from! Sure, this makes it a bit harder to come to an agreement on movie night but it means that we always have a good choice!

In a couple of days we will be boarding a plane and heading off to Portugal with the kids and I’m already looking to Disney to entertain them on the plane! The question is: which one do we choose!?

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