Disneyworld Epcot Height Chart

I did a Disneyworld Magic Kingdom height chart a couple of weeks ago and I have had loads of messages telling me it’s super helpful so I thought it would be a cracking idea to do a couple more – today’s edition is the Disneyworld Epcot height chart. There aren’t that many rides on there to be fair, but there are so many things to do at Epcot – the World Showcase is a favourite of mine and I can’t recommend it enough.

So onwards to the Epcot Height Chart:

If you’re anything like me, meeting the characters and doing whatever special thing it is they have going on at Epcot at the time will be epic so don’t fret too much about the lack of rides or if you little one can only go on a couple and not the fancy ones. I loved the sugar cookie tasting tour during Christmas at Epcot and I really enjoyed the Food & Wine festival though I think that is much more of a grown up thing!

If you’re looking for lots of rides then I really think that other other parks have the edge here, especially Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

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