Magic Kingdom Ride Height chart

One of the things that I get asked the most often when talking to other parents who are thinking about going to Disney is “How tall does my child have to be to go on the rides?” or “Will my child be tall enough when we went to XYZ they missed so much!” Now the worry over Magic Kingdom height requirements I get and I can totally relate to – I have a VERY tall 7 year old (he’s the same height as an average 11 year old) whereas the other two are about average, if a little bit taller like their daddy. Whilst they are all quite close in age, we rarely find something that is exciting enough for the boys that Edith is actually tall enough to go on – and since Toby (6) and Edith (4) are the resident white knuckle lovers, it makes it even harder when they can’t go on certain things.

With that in mind I thought it would be really helpful to put together a little chart of EVERY ride at Magic Kingdom Disneyworld and the height requirements for each!  I’ve saved them as images so that you can click and save to go, please do pin it or share it if you fancy!

As you can see from the chart its really only the mountains that will cause you an issue – mostly the rides are Any height, including babies and toddlers. We LOVE Seven Dwarfs mine train for a speedy ride that isn’t too fast and too OTT, plus you get to see Snow White (winner winner!). If you’re planning Disneyworld Magic Kingdom then I totally recommend having a look at to plan your day, I’m not affiliated with them, I just think that they are brilliant and they really helped me plan out my first time at Disney using height charts like this one and the dining reservations all factored in. Magic Kingdom height requirements really are a dream – and whilst there are a few rides the littles can’t go on, they are generally located where there are TONNES of things that they can do or see whilst other party members ride!

Check back soon for more charts – I’m planning to do one for each of the Disneyworld parks but I felt that Magic Kingdom really warranted one on it’s own!

Have a magical time!

H 🙂

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