Construction Cutlery set by Constructive Eating

Officially the coolest dinnertime set!

Officially the coolest dinnertime set!

Reuben has an obsession with everything that has wheels. From tractors to race cars he loves it, and Toby is following in his footsteps, I can just tell.

So when I came across this ingenious construction cutlery set by constructive eating I just had to share it with all the other Mamas out there who have boys and girls that adore wheels! Isn’t it the coolest?!

Constructive Eating came about because one of the founders kids was just like mine and fell in love with wheels at a young age. The cutlery is safe to use from as young as 2, although I have to say I have encouraged my children to use cutlery as young as 1 (Toby will feed himself using a spoon… if I can bare the mess!) but only supervised. Dishwasher safe, they are great for Mama too!

Anything that helps encourage a toddler to eat is hugely popular in our house! To find a stockist near you click here.

Harriet x

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