Boobbix Lactation cookies, because you deserve a treat right?*




Breastfeeding. I’m still doing it! We’re 12 months in now and Edie isn’t showing any signs of wanting to give up her boobie just yet, which I’m totally fine with. I have the milk, and because I work from home, it’s no issue to me. I’ve written a few times about breastfeeding; how to maintain or boost milk supply, how to cope with mastitis and public perceptions, but I’ve never been lucky enough to try a breastfeeding specific treat, like lactation cookie, despite promising myself I would write and post a lactation cookie recipe at some point.

Well, that’s all changed. A few weeks ago I received a message via Instagram from Katie over at Boobbix asking me if I would like to give their lactation cookies a try. Readers, I’m not going to lie, as a blogger I get offered quite a lot of stuff and from time to time, it’s food, more specially, chocolate or sweet treat food, and I DO NOT turn these offers down. So this was ticking all my boxes and I jumped at the chance to try these unique boobie biscuits (as Toby has taken to calling them). My options were cranberry and almond, milk chocolate chip, oatmeal and rasin, date and ginger and lastly, peanut butter chocolate chip. If you’re a regular reader you probably know that I went for peanut butter chocolate chip (just search chocolate in the search bar, it’ll likely crash your computer with my obsession, go on I dare you!).

They. Were. Delicious!!

Right off the bat I’m going to tell you they aren’t like “normal” cookies. You can definitely taste an undercurrent of cinnamon, a certain yeasty-ness and they have an oaty texture. That’s where the differences stop. They are moist, chunky, packed with chocolate and peanut butter and totally scrummy just like any self-respecting cookie should be. Honestly these far exceeded my expectations, and apparently Edith’s too as she seemed to delight in taking one off me every time I indulged.

As if that wasn’t enough I can definitely feel a difference in my milk supply. I’m always trying to remember to drink more water and I haven’t adjusted my eating habits but suddenly I have more milk than before. I can only imagine that’s because of these cookies.

How they work:

Flaxseed, oats and Brewers yeast are known to help women boost their milk supply during lactation, they aren’t going to make you magically produce milk in abundance, but combined with lots of water and a good diet they really do help. The problem is, on their own those things don’t taste great, but combined with unrefined sugar, chocolate and peanut butter they are delicious, which is true for almost everything really isn’t it?

The cookies each come individually wrapped so they are super fresh and tasty, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat them all in one sitting of you want because, what is it the kids say? YOLO. These really are everything you want from a cookie, with the added benefit for breastfeeding mums and, after all, guilt free indulgence is my favourite type.

H x

P.s – Boobbix have just had a price drop too, and altered their postage to offer customers a better deal, check out their site right now!!

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